Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elections 2009 and Analysis Reports.

Elections 2009 and Analysis Reports.

Election 2009 Results Analysis and Winner Names

2009 Lok Sabha Has 150 Criminals as MPs

Know your Ministers. First page of the news item speaksof 150 criminals elected as MPs to Indian Parliament. Whether in officers' associations or Indian Politics, criminals and corrupt people seem to rule always. Or if you are a Crorepati. If every time you become a Minister your cores increase then .... honesty does take a beating....
Only Minister confirmed honest enough seems to be Mamata Banerjee.

LS Will House 150 Criminals

Friday, June 12, 2009

CBI case against Corrupt IAS Officer

IAS official, Secy MOPNG under Net of CBI now!

CBI registers case against Former Petroleum Secretary Shri M.S. Shrinivasan, IAS, Mssrs. Authentrix Limited and senior officers of IOC, HPCL and BPCL on the initial complaint made by whistleblower Ashok Singh, Regional Manager HPCL.& R.P.Srivastava Sr. Mgr.(ops)

CBI has registered a corruption case against the former Petroleum Secretary Shri M.S. Srinivasan for having favoured a British Company Mssrs. Authentrix Limited. The other accused persons are the officials of IOC, BPCL and HPCL.

This complaint was originally lodged by Shri Ashok Singh, then serving Regional Manager HPCL in May 2009 with the CBI. Three days after the complaint was lodged, Shri Singh was suspended and later dismissed from Service by the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation of India (HPCL).

This issue was taken by Simpreet Singh, the undersigned, as a Public Interest Litigation with the Bombay High Court whereupon the CBI agreed before the Court that they would investigate the matter. Accordingly, the CBI registered a case vide PE/BA1/2009/A0001. The letter of the CBI in this respect is attached hereto.

The Brief facts of the complaint are detailed hereunder:
5.1 For the reason of making an effective system of detection of adulteration in the petroleum products, a study was conducted, somewhere in the year 2005, by Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, which is under the direct control of Accused No. 1. Pursuant thereto, teams were sent to U.K. and Kenya to study the systems which were prevailing there.

5.2 It was clear that the brief and duty of this Cell was only to conduct an academic study about the technical aspects of using the marker system, so that specifications could be defined based on which global tenders could have been called.

5.3 However, it was seen that instead of preparing such specifications, this Cell, apparently on the instructions of the Accused No. 1, sent a letter on 21st October, 2005, to all the Public Sector Oil Companies instructing them to examine the commercial proposal of Accused No. 2, Mssrs. Authentix. Hereto annexed is the copy of the said letter and the same is marked as EXHIBIT-"A".

5.4 As per the report prepared by this Cell, Mssrs. Authentix, with the help of an executing agency in India, namely, SGS, would conduct marking for Petroleum products by mixing it with chemical markers. They would also conduct the statutory functions of checking the petrol pumps for adulteration, taking samples and testing them.

5.5 Based on this report, on 5 July, 2006, Accused No. 1, conducted a meeting of the three public sector oil companies. Thereafter, the said Accused No. 1 gave the following orders through the minutes circulated vide letter dated 12th July, 2006:

“IOC would coordinate on behalf of the Industry and finalise the modalities/contract and ensure placing of orders/signing of contracts or agreements with Mssrs. Authentrix”. (Emphasis supplied).

5.6 For the reason of the aforesaid instructions, representatives of the 3 public sector oil companies, on 26th July, 2006, conducted a meeting. Pursuant thereto, they decided to grant the contract to Accused No. 2 and 3. In this meeting, detailed modalities were worked out as to how to effect the execution of this contract by placing orders with Accused No 2 and 3.
5.7 After the aforesaid decision was taken contracts were awarded to Accused No. 2 and 3, by HPCL, BPCL and IOC, initially for a period of one year which has been extended by another one year. The aggregate value of the contract for two years is about Rs. 200 crores.

5.8 From, the aforesaid, it is seen that the accused persons, by indulging in a criminal conspiracy, abused their official position and violated the laws of the land. Accordingly, they have committed a clear-cut offence under section 13(1) (d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

6. CONCLUSION: While the accused persons have been booked but something need to be done for the act of those accused persons who had dismissed the whistleblowers from Service and who suspended Shri Ashok Singh just 3 days after the lodging of CBI complaint. Such whistleblowers need to be protected for the sake of transparent administration.

7. For further details contact the undersigned at 9969363065. For more details on legal aspects please contact our lawyer Shri Y.P. Singh at 9820233791.

8. The original complaint and the letter of CBI dated 27.5.09 is attached.
Simpreet Singh

CBI case against Corrupt IAS Officer

Indian Oil Officerr's Association Leader come under the CBI scanner

Jatin Parikh. Dy GM Finance at Western Regional Office of IndianOil Corporation Ltd. In the Oil Companies only officers below DGM level are allowed to be participate in Association Activities.

Then how come this Dy GM was allowed to be Jt Secy Mkt Division of IOCL? And that too when all other DGMs were told to resign from IOOA and made to do so also?

Whether or not he was a spy of management is only for all to analyse and conclude but these small incidents and cases only probably hint how a legitimate officers' association activity was penetrated by Authorities and scuttled!! And so why the strike was never meant to succeed.

Kudos to IOC management that they succeded in making the office bearers of IOOA their puppets.. thereby controlling a very important sector of PSU employees who could hold at ransom the Indian Economy by strikes etc. While the oil company associations have failed management and Govt has proved themselves to be better at what they do- Managing. Hats Off!

We Indians must give Due credit to UPA Govt and Oil Sector Management for having penetrated Association thoroughly.. and save India from suffering due to selfish strikes by PSU officers!!

However who were these people who were the leaders of the Oil Sector officers? Here is one Mr Jatin Parikh. of IndianOil.. he is news item now. No comments needed from this blog about him.


Poornima Swaminathan / DNA
Friday, June 12, 2009 0:38 IST

Mumbai: The Anti-Corruption Bureau of CBI is investigating the roles of two senior officials of IndianOil Corporation Limited in awarding a contract of collecting sales tax exemption forms from clients of the oil company.

Jatin Parekh, the western region's deputy general manager (finance), and Mahesh Wagh, the chief finance manager, are accused of conniving with Abhishek Nagori, the managing director of JLN Corporate Services -- a chartered accountant firm, in awarding the contract to the firm. Preliminary investigations have shown several discrepancies in the entire process. Nagori is a former employee of IndianOil.

After questioning the three of them on Thursday, the CBI has charged them under the Prevention of Corruption Act, and cheating and conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code, an officer said.

According to the contract awarded to Nagori, his company was in charge of collecting sales tax exemption forms from clients of IndianOil, who primarily use petroleum products, the officer said. And for this the firm would have got a commission of 0.15% from every form collected."There are two kinds of forms -- C is for private companies and D for government companies. Though the number of clients in the C section was higher, their use of petroleum products was less than that of government companies. As a result the collection of D forms led to higher commission for the firm with little legwork and minimal expenses.

"Nagori earned a commission of Rs70 lakh by fraudulently collecting more D forms than C forms," Abhin Modak, the ACB superintendent of CBI, said. "If the right process was followed, Nagori would have earned only Rs9lakh."

CBI raided Parekh's home in south Mumbai and office in Bandra (east) on Thursday. Investments worth Rs74 lakh were seized. The officers also seized Wagh's bank locker. His investments worth Rs100 lakh too were seized. Another officer from the CBI said the two IndianOil officials might be booked under the Disproportionate Assets Act as well.

A spokesperson from IndianOil Corporation said the company followed an internal conduct rule, under which action would be taken against the officials if they were found guilty.