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Cabinet Speech on 2oth November '08- that told us GOVT wants us to Strike

Cabinet Paper that started it all

Expenditure on Govt Officials by Oil Sector -1

Press Clipping dtd 14th January 2009. Nothing secret about all this.

Press Clipping 14 Jan

Apology from StarNews

This Apology from StarNEWS is the first to come. They say they were provided by the details by Govt. They also say that they tried to contact the Leaders but they could not locate them. How could they? When Govt was sending police after them?

From: Meenakshi Sharma <meenakshis@starnews.co.in>Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 8:20 PMSubject: RE: At least don't project us as a villain!To: "vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com" <vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com>
Dear viewer,

Thanks for your email. We would like to state that the program telecast by us was purely based on the detail / document provided by the government. The program was telecast in public interest. We would also like to inform you that we had tried to get in touch with the concerned officials repeatedly but they were not available. We regret if the telecast has unintentionally hurt anyones sentiments.


From: Vipin Bhidwaria [mailto:vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com] Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 1:01 PMTo: inews@zeenetwork.com; wecare@intoday.com; Payal KakraSubject: At least don't project us as a villain!

Dear Sir/Madam,
On the name of public-interest our media is publishing & covering only one side of the story named 'Indefinite strike by Oil Sector Officers' Association'.
All the news channels(including DD news) are continuously flashing government views only, like shri Murli Deora,Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas & petroleum secretary shri R.S. Pandey,but it is again a shame on our print & electronic media that other side views, that is of OSOA president & vice-president were never convered in the media.

I shall argue that the government hi-jacked the media again and all news channels showing that the fault is not at the governments' part but it is responsibility of OSOA to maintain normalcy in the system. I STROGLY FEEL THAT STING OPERATIONS AGAINST MEDIA ARE REQUIRED AT THIS JUNCTURE. And such kind of acts will lead to total loss of faith in government and democracy.

Shri R.S pandey made the statement at several occasions on various news channels that a junior most grade officer is getting salary of more than 1 lacs per month. It is also with reference to the information provided by you behalf of Ministry of P&NG, the sources from which the secretary has taken figures are false & mis-leading & they have played with figures and it is not a big thing for any graduate. I shall argue with you for the salary figures that has been shown by you.

Sir,the media/the press is considered to be an vital factor for evolution, development & sustenance of democracy in any country and media has to play a role where pluralistic approaches are appreciated and views from both ends are addressed equally.

Due to biased media coverage, we all OSOA members have been projected as a villain & those all declared themselves as heroes, so may I know that the villain is working day-in and day-out so that a very crucial sector can keep the heart of our economy throbbing.

I appeal you to investigate the authenticity of figures & you are requested to contact our finance department for further details and investigation.Shri R.S. pandey has even added the cost of chair being provided at our work place and hance, figures are mis-leading.But,the truth is that we are having in-hand salary of Rs.19-25 thousand only(Including HRA) at entry level

It is an effort to unravel the hidden impulses of few bureaucrats & may be the government. By reducing our incentives they have de-motivated us to a lower level & demoralized all our association & all our employees. Such a crucial sector of India is ignored in terms of compensation so that TODAY'S IGNORANCE CAN BE TOMMOROW'S PERSEVERENCE FOR CORRUPTION/NEPOTISM & FAVOURTISM.It may be the turning point & sinking of our Oil-TITANIC.

You may contact me at this mail ID for further proofs.
SO, By taking responsibility you should openly clearify the misleading statement made by you.

Thank You
Yours truly,

How to counter Zee News

We are all total 55 thousand officers in the oil sector. Our spending power per month is more than a few hundred crores (Even without pay revision and the so called 1 lakh remuneration). To counter ZeeNews simply stop watching it.

In your homes make it a point to boycott Zee News. That is the weak spot - hurt them where it hurts. Down grade their TRP. Remember many people will watch ZeeNews but what ZeeNews want is that people with spending power to watch Zee News.

Do not discuss what Zee TV Aired. Behave like a channel called Zee News does not exist.

In fact I have already locked Zee News (With full cooperation from my family members) my brother has also supported me and done the same in his house. My cousins who see how I am struggling to keep afloat with the so called 1 Lakh remuneration has also supported me and locked Zee News in their houses.

Recently I have started circulated one message to all vendors (Banks, Micro wave oven manufacturers, Washing Machine manufacturers, etc) who try to sell me something. In case I come to know that they are advertising in Zee News I shall not buy that brand.

Come on try to implement it - it will work.
Dipdyuti Chowdhury

Added by Proudiocian : Boycott all channels of ZeeTV not just Zeenews : Zee bangla (& all regional languages), Zee Hindi and so on. Boycott all Products and Services of ZEE Network (even have a lookout for any food products they may be selling.. you never know who has diversified into what). And SURRENDER DISHTV switch to TataSky etc

Oil Men Strike

A Large chunk of ONGCians are first class students right from higher Secondary to Post graduation and served the company for about 5 to 20 years in general. Many of us are technical staff who have been working in remote locations and harsh environment like Mumbai High and North East. It is well known that Mother Earth has its best resources in unassailable terrains and so in hunt for oil we were always strewn far away from our loved ones. Many a time we miss our children’s birthdays and some times their birth itself, would not be by the side of our aged parents when they breathe their last and rush to our homes for their last rites. We are not complaining about it. We take pride in our work. No missed birthdays or missing the last sight of a departed soul in our family takes away our pride in working for ONGC. We work with a zeal that is hard to express and the joy we get is akin to what a soldier might have in serving his motherland. We wear our ID cards close to our hearts and feel the elation of serving our Country. No matter what the TV Channels called us during our 3 day strike we refuse to feel humiliated. We earned it, the right to feel proud of our work. Our ability to fight fires on offshore platforms and move by OSVs to open a well in the middle of a stormy night with a torch light and adjustable spanner in our hand makes us feel close to the people of this nation. The greater goal has always been our country’s energy security.

Pay Revision is not an issue, slighting the Oil Men is!! If the best men of our country like you lend us a deaf ear it hurts and it hurts badly!! The just demands being thrown out like dirt and the high handed approach to handle the strike of the officers speaks poorly of an enlightened Government. If a group of qualified people cannot be handled justly then what would be the fate of rogues and destructive elements.

Tarnishing the image of Armed Forces and Educated Officials does not augur well for this country. May the erudite people should spare a second to think why these crises had emerged in the first place, would give us a better solution. The attrition level of the critical work force is alarming to say the least. This Pay Revision could have dealt with it in a sensible manner, but now it is going to be fire fighting at the Corporation level. The system of natural justice would come into play and time would show who was right. Correction at that point would be much more difficult.

If a brilliant child is neglected and chided for his genuine wants he would be suffocated and his performance gradually reaches mediocrity. Please do not make our Oil Sector Mediocre!!

P. Suresh
SE (P)

Poem by an Oil Man









Who cares for Oil !!

From: "Vikrant Kumar" vikrant0107@gmail.com
To: editor@expressindia.com

Dear Sir,
Hurt and Anguish of Oil Sector Workmen has been ignored by your publications, without verifying the underlying facts and portraying these soldiers of nation in bad light. As media houses sabotaged salary figures and sidelined two and a half year peaceful struggle by Oil Men, sadly not one explored the reasons for taking the drastic step. Sir, Even an ant will bite back when pushed to the limits. Your fraternity was prompt to respond to Govt. Control on your working, however genuine demands of OilMen working in far corners and remote locations for your safety, security and comfort were never contacted to explain their stand. I will not give you any salary figures or perks or facilities as they fall in public domain and can be verified from any source. However I would you to see the pain in our eyes who have been denied any increments for years due to flawed pay scales policies. How does it feel to work on pay scales effective from 1997. how does it feel to actually see reducing increments from 4 % to 3%. How does it feel to be duped since 2006 to be promised one committee after another and withdrawl of strike notices on one promise after another. 6th Pay Commission for Govt . Employees was implemented with increased benefits, while Rao Committe recommendations for PSUs rejected and sent to trash. All the studies by eminent judges and presentations by various forums dumped in one go by Committe of Secretaries without discussing with persons affected. All this a pain in the heart of not being able to place our grievances.

Sir, your publication have protected and presented attack on communities (minorities etc.). Taken up national debate. But when it came to Community of Oil Men who were brutally sabotaged of their reputation on unverified facts and doctored accounts, Where was any one of you. When a feeling of hate was being promulgated against educated, hardworking, socially responsible and highly patriotic community was promulgated by media. Where were you?

We dont demand an enquiry, nor we seek your sympathy. We understand our toil and hardwork doesn't attract front page headlines, But then we can at least demand a fair treatment by giving us the chance. We dont intend to come forward and explain. We want YOU to go deep in to the whole issue that ails oil sector employees. and Please compare apple with an apple. Don't compare us with Army (We maintained supplies even when strike was on !). Compare us with hazarodous industries and offshore companies. Refineries, Pipelines and Netwrok of Distribution. We don't compare legislative with judiciary or Media with IT Companies. All are important and need each other in a civilization to survive. Dont cite troubled times. Had the pay revision taken place from 1st January 2007. No News would have been generated.

Don't cite terrorists attack, Our own people have perished in such attacks from Mumbai to Guwahati. Our people have worked in militant infested Areas and maintained supplies to Kargil amidst enemy firing. Our supplies to defence forces never cease and we guard our strategic supplies more than we guard our homes.Our citizens died fighting a terrorist attack. Now don't kill our Oil Sector with economic attack and Don't Kill our people with attack on their prestige.

Don't cite AC Rooms. Executive functions happen from offices in cities and towns, but the oil is extracted and refined and transported in the toughest of climatic and demographic conditions.

Don't cite Pvt. Players. Find out why nationalised oil companies were formed after China War. Find out why Pvt. Players closed their shops during $100+ crude oil prices. Find Out Why it is becoming difficult for Pvt. Players to maintain refining due to fall in crude prices. Find Out Why Pvt. Players want PSUs to wither so that Oil (Black Gold) can be traded on their whims and fancies. Find out why poaching on PSU talent has done to these PSUs. Find out how many pvt. players have people from Public Sectors among all ranks.FInd out working hours of Ovt and PSU Oil Employees. Find out how Pvt. companies save tax and PSUs give dividends to Givt. Find out subsidy burden shared by PSU Oil Companies and Pvt. Players. FInd OUt Find Out Find Out. Come explore outside YOUR AC rooms. Give Justice a chance. Give Right Journalism a chance.

Ek Sach ko dikhana hai Mushkil magar, Kya Karen Jhoot ka daaman chhoodana padega.
Desh ke In mandiron ko bachana hai agar, Inke sipahiyon ka saath nibhana padega.

Jai Hind

Times Of India Reports Correct Salary and How Govt Hoodwinked the Public

At last some body has told the truth. Let us only buy Times Of India. This is the best Newspaper. .
Also OIL SECTOR and all our Friends in all PSUs PLEASE BOYCOTT DishTV which is owned by Zee Network.

TOI 160109

Desecration of the Sacrifice of OIL Men

We are ONGC

Oil slick- A Report by Business Standard Magazine

There are some media groups out there who have correctly analysed the OIL Strike. It is only the TV Media which thrives on Sensationalism and "Masala" to sell their wares.
The article in BS dtd 13/1/09

"Govt's tough action and threats to arrest striking officers finally broke the oil officers' strike Business Standard / New Delhi January 13, 2009, 0:30 IST"

rightly points out a major reason for the sudden Dry Outs ---

"But while the government did the right thing in finally acting tough, it mishandled things in the run-up to the strike. For one, whenever there has been a call for a strike, and it is made weeks in advance (trade unions and officer associations need time to mobilise), petroleum dealers stock up on supplies. They did not do so this time because Petroleum Minister Murli Deora had held out the prospect of a price cut for petroleum prices. No petrol and diesel retailer in his right mind would stock up when prices are set to fall."

The article is a very balanced one and one of the few that treats both Private and Public Sector Oil companies equally. While we on this blog, including myself are bringing attention of the online reading public to the unholy nexus that may or may not existing between Private Oil Refiners and the Babus/ Govt it is also to be accepted that we do need everybody and after all it is also better for Private Oil Cos to survive. It helps the general public by way of choice and improves service quality because of competition.

And my dear friends from OIL sector PSUs it then also gives us a chance to leave PSUs and join them if we want to. I personally think the article is a very good one.

The whole article of the business standard magazine is here -- Please click to read the full article directly
A few excerpts below:

"While the immediate cause of the strike was that the salaries and wages notified for the oil sector were lower than those recommended by the Justice MJ Rao committee, the basic demand that wages be revised every five years instead of the current 10 years has been a very old one. A pay revision every five years is not an unreasonable demand to make, especially when private sector salaries rise almost every year, and the argument that government salaries are revised once every decade is no argument. The oil industry’s dynamics are quite different from those of the government. In any case, Ram Naik as petroleum minister in the NDA government, had conceded this demand. So while it is true that the oilmen didn’t wait for the one month that the government asked for while a group of ministers tried to find a solution, they were probably at the end of their tether since years have passed since the ministerial promise"

"The private sector players which exist have preferred to supply exclusively to the export market, or go through the state-owned retailers, because of the distortions in the domestic price and subsidy operation, which put private refiners at a disadvantage. If the government is keen to bring in more competition, as it should be, it must create a level playing field for private and state-owned players. This does not mean largesse for the private firms; all it means is that everyone gets the same treatment. "

But like I said and I will go on hammering till they wake up, it is the TV that has the maximum reach to general public today and it is they who should become more responsible towards the Nation by adopting responsible and factual reporting.

The PSU splurges on oil honchos & their families at strategic meetings

Ever anybody thought why the Navaratna PSUs are never given independence to run their show in spite of so much arguments for the same? A few news item may throw some light on this mysterious issue. See the amount spent on Mr R.S Pandey, Petroleum Secy.

Press Clip Dec08 MAIL_TODAY


During last few days the Indian Media has maligned the good name of Oil Sector employees even comparing us to terrorists (Mumbai 26/11) and black mailers. This has hurt the sentiments of the Oil Sector Employees and their near & dear ones more than being cheated by the Indian Babudom of their well deserved wages. Monetary loss can be made up. Loss of prestige is definitely difficult to tolerate. The Indian media, in a well choreographed crusade, led by His Highness the Petroleum Secretary, has damaged the reputation of the Oil Sector Employees, built by people like Col. Wahi, Sh. Subir Raha and many others.

This is our attempt to undo to some extent the misinformation spread by the Ministry led media. First and foremost we are not "Terrorists". It was "Indian" Oil employees who were there at Kargil, rubbing shoulders with our brave Jawans, ensuring smooth supplies of POL products to the army. Please remember we were on the Indian side. Even today when the Indian media shows photographs of Kargil war, a burning oil tanker is shown. We are there at Siachen and Barmer and Andaman Nicobar and Nagaland taking care of the energy needs (from transport to cooking fuels) of our Forces. Our question is how many Indian Companies, including Public Sectors, work or get an opportunity to work for the security at our borders. In short it is the "Jawans" of the Oil Sector who are "fighting" while most of us sleep comfortably and enjoy our vacations. Please put your hand on your heart and tell us are we really TERRORISTS?

How many of you know that number of Public Sector Oil Companies were incorporated after the multinationals oil companies did not support the Indian Government in fighting the Chinese. The Chinese war was fought in 1962 and IndianOil was incorporated in 1964. HPC was born out of Caltex and BPC out of Burmah Shell.

The media, under the choreography of the Ministry, depicted the Oil Sector Employees as having a party time sitting in AC rooms and enjoying vacations in snow covered mountains. Please note most of our field locations are in shift operations which means that people work round the clock and to attend to their duties at 6 'O'clock, the officers get up at around 4 'O'clock in the morning and brave extreme weather conditions to reach to their field locations. How many of us would like to travel under foggy conditions at 5 'O'clock in the morning? How many of us would like to operate a location at Leh at (–)25 degree centigrade? How many of us would like to work at a Rig for 24 hours wearing dangrees, oil smeared on their face in monsoon winds and when the fisherman has been warned not to enter in the sea? How many of you would like to work 30 days in a month without a break? We are not comparing ourselves with the brave Jawans but if the Jawans are sacrificing their lives for the country then we are also doing a yeomen service to the nation by performing our duty braving such extreme environment and definitely deserve not to be called "Deshdrohis".

We do not deny that we are given good facilities by our Management but for heaven sake we earn them and have every right to enjoy them. It seems people are envious of the same. Have we ever said that other people should not get good facilities in life? Then why target the Oil Sector employees? Is there a hidden agenda behind the choreographed media blitz?

We have been branded as insensitive towards the needs of the common man. How many of you know that the last pay revision was done in 1997? This issue of wage revision etc. was under discussion with the Management / Ministry for last two and a half years. The wage revision is overdue since January 2007 and whatever is decided now shall be applicable till 2017. One of our demands is to make this wage revision a five yearly process. Why the Navratnas who are empowered to decide the wages of their employees should go to the Ministry with begging bowls? Because if the profit making PSUs start deciding their own wages the Babudom will loose all control. Do you know that the respective Boards have already approved the wage structure which we are asking for?

You would say that if you are not satisfied with your wages then why not leave the company. Yes some of us are waiting for the wage revision and if the same is not satisfactory would leave for greener pastures and soon the PSUs would be sold to private players and then my dear you would either pay very high prices for the fuel or the pumps owned by these private companies would remain closed as they are now since 2007. Would you be happy then?

The salary figures given by the Hon'ble Minister are far from reality. If the Hon'ble Minister desires to give us the kind of salary he says we are getting then I think there should not have been any strike and the Ministry can be faulted for not "properly communicating" these figures to the officers. We assure you if the salaries, as communicated by the Hon'ble Minister / Media are "granted" to us we will all vote for the Hon'ble Minister.

This brings us to the next point that why did we choose this time for calling strike? For one we had lost our patience with the Ministry giving us false promises on earlier occasions. Second we have been talking on this issue since last six-seven years and third with the polls on the horizon we were expecting the Government to be favourable to our demand. Did you know that the strike was initially planned for 2nd December and cancelled because of the terrorist strike at Mumbai? And we are labelled as "insensitive" to the needs of the general public.

Why did not the media tell the general public on 2nd December itself of the same? It would not have done any good to the TRP ratings of the news channel. This very same media declared Manjunath as a martyr and the oil sector employees as officers doing duty under extreme conditions. My dear Sir, Oil sector PSUs have given many Manjunaths to this country some of whom are no longer with us but most of them are still dedicated to the service of this Nation.

The media which has labelled the oil sector PSU employees as terrorists is the same which had shown the 26/11 happening "live", which is now well known had helped the terrorists in their plans. This fact was known to them during the live broadcast. May be labelling Oil Sector PSU employees as terrorists was a part of larger game plan of TRP ratings.

When did you last hear of a major strike by Oil Sector PSU? None in last forty odd years!

Why was the view point of Oil Sector PSU Association/Employee not shown in the media? Why did the media not show the salary slip of 1.25 Lacs which they were claiming was what the Oil Sector entry level officer was getting?

The Government had appointed an expert committee, which had recommended scales for Oil sector PSUs after taking 18 months do so. Why were the scales recommended by the experts again referred to a committee of Secretaries (comprising of IAS officers)? Will a committee comprising of IAS officers allow a higher salary to a PSU Chairman? By the way one of our demands was higher pay scales for our Directors and Chairman. This demand was supported by an entry level officer not because he dreamt of becoming the Chairman of the company one fine day but he wanted his Chairman to stand tall in front of these Babus and be able to rub shoulders with his colleagues in Corporate circle.

Are you aware that out of the total revenue from the sale of petroleum products more than 50% goes to Govt revenue and that addition to the exchequer only allows the government to pay salaries to the other government sectors which includes bureaucrats, regulatory bodies, ministers etc.
Do you have such a short memory as to forget the 2005 accident in the western offshore oil platform where several of ONGC officers lost there lives?

Can you spot on map the insurgency infested jungles of Assam, Tripura and Nagaland where thousands of our "DESHDROHI" officers work day and night on rigs, installations and field parties to provide subsidized petrol for your luxury cars?

Did you know that the Oil Sector turnover was Rs. 5.5 lakh crore which is 15% of India's GDP, contributes 64% of gross revenue of the Government, shared subsidy burden of Rs. 1,40,000 crores thereby saving the common man from the impact of high fuel prices? Last year ONGC paid Rs 22,000 crores for subsidy, Rs 30,000 crores as taxes and Rs 12,000 Crores as dividend.

You can also read the appended copies of letter to Minister dt. 03.01.09 and 05.01.09 and a press release by OSOA dt. 03.01.09. The press release was never bought to public knowledge by the media because it did not contribute to the TRP ratings.

In future there will not be any strikes of oil sector PSUs because there may not be many capable & daring officers left to "protest and economically terrorise" the nation.

We hope we have been able to communicate our feelings to you. Next time you fill-up your petrol tank or eat your food please remember us as one who service this great nation and not as "Deshdrohis".

"rocky star" <rockystar2009@gmail.com>

Look Ahead- RS Pandey says

What do we think looking ahead means? This will be evident from some news items soon to come from the same media on of which is already appearing in the Hindu on 16th Jan'09 that Govt is thinking of Deregulating the Pricing Mechanism to help Private Players in Retail Business.

Press Cip1 Jan13

Friday, January 16, 2009


We the officers of Oil PSUs faithfully and loyally served this great nation for decades. Our sweat & strive of ages has fuelled the economic growth of this great nation.

We toiled unseen in deserts, mountains, high seas & war zones, manning hard locations from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, in war or peace, in storm or calm, in rain and draught and in prosperity or adversity.

We stood steadfast in major calamities, tsunamis, earthquakes and wars and terror attacks. We, engineers, MBAs, CAs and professionals from the best of institutes of India, did not hesitate to withstand hardships with soldiers in Leh & Ladakh. When duty called, we stood in the middle of war zones hand in hand with our brave soldiers, ensuring them fuel, for we made a commitment to this great nation long before any of the so-called private players even dreamt of entering the arena.
We were compared to the armed forces and yes indeed many of us undergo equal hardships. When the world came to a standstill, we still moved, sometimes at the cost of our very lives, trusting that our interests would be guarded by the Govt that we served.

We have dedicated our lives to our organizations and do not believe in job-hopping. Our companies are not just commercial enterprises but they are families that care for, love and nurture one-another and from them stems the spirit of true service to our nation.

We did not seek to wear Armani or Prada or look to sport Gucci or Versace. We did not aspire to travel in Mercs or Bentleys. We only asked for a semblance of a just remuneration due to us as hardworking and responsible officers of the so-called Premier Fortune 500 Navratna Enterprises of this Country

We went on strike but after months and years of patient waiting. We placed out trust in the Custodians of our nation but were let down time and again. We were rebuffed and short-changed and yet we persevered. We were driven against a stone wall and left with no recourse. We went on Strike, but responsibly. We gave ample time to the powers that be.

We thought we were reasoning with just authorities, sympathetic to our just cause, as had been for ages.

But Alas….

We were stunned at this new hostility and shocked at its severity.

We were censored, suppressed and bullied with pre-meditated ruthlessness. We were forced to surrender without a trace of acknowledgement and with cruelty & callousness. A terrifying agenda seems to emerge in all its gory starkness and we are bewildered.

Each single one of us is perplexed and weeping and we do not know where to take our pain and hurt, where to turn for assurance. We are stripped of our cocoon of peace and security that is so vital to our mode of single-minded purpose of service.

Sentenced as terrorists, blackmailers and treated as mercenary upstarts by a self-serving media, we do not know who is our benefactor, our patron any more. We wonder how to regain our dignity in the Nation’s eyes. With wounded pride we appealed to the people of this great nation to look at us again, this time with a little measure of empathy and understanding and to look at our side of the story.

On 09.01.2009, every Officer of this noble community wept tears of blood and sorrow on the humiliation and disgrace heaped on us, on the killing of our hopes and aspirations with brutal force. And we turned to each other.

This time round we have empowered ourselves ……… united and resolved to be survivors …..and to save our beloved PSUs from death. We will endure and endeavor to be winners in our battle for truth and justice.

We never forsook our duties and never will. We have and always will be standing in self-less service to the people of this country but ask only to be allowed to do so with our pride and dignity intact.

We are confident that our solidarity, integrity and single-mindedness of purpose will carry us through these testing times.

“Only Free Men Can Negotiate. Prisoners Cannot Enter Into Contract” - Nelson Mandela

One Mr Sekhar Gupta- who thrives on Thrillers!

I sent the following mail to Mr Shekhar Gupta (sg@expressindia.com) of Indian Express in response to their editorial in Indian Express dated 10/01/2009. As expected I am yet to receive a reply from them.

The following is the text of the mail:

I happened to read your article in Indian Express dated 10/01/2009. And you are one among the many biased, prejudiced individuals who said what ever they want, just because they have access to the powerful media. Someone said deshdrohi, another called us white collared terrorist and yet another called us blackmailers. Calling off the strike is not at all demoralising to us but the way these people called us whatever they want with out even trying the verify the facts and with out even trying to find out our version is what killed our morale. We never wanted to strike in fact and it was forced on us.

Do you atleast know under what sort of conditions these oilmen work and what is their take home salary. You said, we have job security but then do you know that none of us refuse to work on weekends and holidays and work for extended hours day after day. Almost everyone works on a sixth day of the week and half of us work on holidays too. What to do, we would like to spend more time in our in-laws house rather than with our families. We meet the targets set for us with the best possible efficiencies. Why else do you think that the private players and the companies from Middle East employ these people paying them very high salaries? People who resigned 3 - 4 years back are earning atleast 3 - 4 times more than what we earn but we have no regrets for staying with these PSUs. Do you know that most of us are not even getting increments for the past several years and we are only hoping for a decent pay revision and not a greedy one? You people may not understand as you are highly prejudiced and you people have bought the argument of the Petroleum secretary and politicians.

Did you bother to make a comparison with the salary of the bureaucrats and find out why they are paid more even when they sit in AC rooms and roam around in AC cars? No one will have courage to do that. Did you ever try to find out from armed forces if they are happy with the pays scales given to them? They too are unhappy at the way the bureaucrats decide the pay for every one in this country. They cannot go on strike and so they don't. Otherwise anyone will express their dissent to the way the country is ruled by these babus.

Do you think the Oilmen thought about going on a strike on 06.01.2009 and went on strike from 07.01.2009. Did you atleast try to find out how many times the strike notice was given and how many times it was with drawn on assurances from the government. Government never did what they ought to do and now finally they are trying to make scapegoats out of the heads of these oil companies. It is because of these people and their assurances the strike was called off several times and they should be commended for their role in getting the strike deferred for so long. When the notice was given in Nov 2008 do you think the government was correct in announcing the GoM just a few days before the strike and then ask for a months time. They could not have done that immediately after the strike notice was given. The culprits for the strike and the suffering of the people on the road are these very people who procrastinated beyond reasonable limits and forced the aggrieved oilmen to go on strike. It is these people in the government who should be held responsible for this discontent of oil sector employees to simmer and explode. Now we people are afraid and so withdrew but then you should know that when the crude price crosses $50 in the future again exodus starts from these companies. We are not in these PSUs because we are not talented but we are here because we love the country. We are all people educated out of some of the best institutes in this country and that include IITs, IIMs, NITs and some of the reputed universities.

Could you not think for a while that the government saw merit in the demands of oil sector employees and that is the reason they formed the GoM. We did not ask for something out of the world. We only wanted the Justice Rao committee report implemented with a few changes. When the government can accept the Central pay commission report with figures that are more than what was recommended by the committee what is wrong with PRC for PSUs. The people who were in the central pay commission were not good and so their recommendations had to be upgraded while for the PSUs they were again inefficient and recommended more and so recommendations for us had to be downgraded. If that is so please ask the government to ban the people in these two committees from being engaged in future.

Lastly, in the news paper of the same day there was an argument saying that private sector should be encouraged and should be allowed to operate. The person writing this article should atleast be knowing how many outlets the private players closed when the crude price was too high. Now these private players will refuse to produce because the crude price is too low and unremunerative. Ask the government to invoke ESMA and NSA against these people. Let this person who wrote this article recommend this to the government. All of you people roaming around in fuel guzzling machines roam around happily using the fuel produced by these hardworking oilmen and then subsidised for your comfort. If there are private players the government will be happy to announce bail out packages in the name of reviving and giving boost to the economy and they very much love to do that. They will not bother about imposing windfall tax or any such thing if they are earning good profits in order to subsidise common man. They will only overburden these PSUs with subsidy burden and then ask them to compete with private players without providing a level playing filed. They are least bothered about reviving and boosting the morale of simple living and hard working PSU employees.

I only hope that better wisdom prevails on these Media thinkers and that they try to understand the problem in the right perspective. Let me assure you that I am not one of those who favor going on strike and inconveniencing public but then there should be another choice to exercise. Also I hope everyone understands that healthy PSUs are very much required for good health of this nation and this is possible only with efficient and motivated workforce.

All our grievances are genuine. Support us if you can but don't malign us, don't demotivate us.

Best reagrds,

Chandra Sekhar

It is War - Poetry is the best expression at such times

समुन्‍द्र के अथाह से तेल क्‍या ये पत्रकार हैं लाए,

क्‍यों देश की राजधानी में इनके डटे हैं चैनल,

केवल मिडिया क्‍या देश चलाएगा,

सत्‍यम का सत्‍यमेव इस देश ने लिया है देख,

प्रशासन ने भ्रष्‍टाचार हर क्षेत्र में दिया है पेल,

अब देश द्रोह का तमगा मिलिभगत कर हमको दे दिया,

देवड़ा ने मिडिया को दी बधाई,

इसके पीछे का क्‍या है राज,

कौन किससे मिला “जी” कुछ तो करो आवाज,

जनता को गुमराह किया किसका है यह अगाज,

करो सबसिडी का अंत, है किसी माई के लाल में दम,

क्‍यों हो गए इन प्राईवेट तेल कम्‍पनियों के पेट्रोल पंप बंद,

क्‍यों हो रहा है देश के टेलेन्‍ट का पलायन,

सेंसेक्‍स को किसने शिखर तक पंहुचाया और धड़ाम से गिराया,

देश के वित्‍त मंत्री ने एक तरफा जानकारी होने का दम दिखाया,

कर दी हड़ताल तो गैर कानुनी डंडे का दमन चक्र चलाया,

ये ब्‍युरोक्रेट जिला स्‍तर से डंडा है चलाते,

इतनी मोटी चमड़ी हो गई है कि सरे आम जनता को गुमराह हैं कर जाते,

कई के पास अपार सपंत्‍ति, नल की टुटियों तक पर सोने का नक्‍काशी,

भोली भाली जनता को गुमराह की साजिश,

हमारे टेक्‍स से अपनी तनख्‍वा हैं पाते,

मिडिया के नाम पर टेक्‍स तक की छूट ले जाते,

घुस खाकर देश द्रोही हमे है बताते,

Neesha Jain

Media Role

My friends and colleagues have poured their anguish in the pages preceding mine. At this moment, I would just like to add a few points :-

• In the not too far away past, when our country was on the throes of bankruptcy and gold had to be pledged, there was only one organization which could stand “sovereign” guarantee to the nation and that is IndianOil. We, as employees had toiled hard to achieve the sovereign guarantor status, and are proud of this fact, and if the effort then constitutes to be termed as terrorists, it is pathetic on the part of misguided media.
• In the last few days, the media has acted as the witness, jury and judge – all rolled in one – and condemned all Oil Sector officers. The famed equality principle was nowhere to be seen or heard. Was the media muzzled and forced to portray one side of the story only? The simple journalistic principle of checking a hypothesis and verifying before reporting as a fact was totally thrown out of the window. Does TRP and revenue cloud the simple act of judgement?
• During the Crude Oil crisis, PSUs were forced to operate their Retail Outlets (ROs) and sell products at Government dictated prices. The effect is there for the entire world to see – with huge losses day after day, and poor balance sheets in addition to downgrading of rating leading to further erosion in value. The private Oil Companies had promptly closed their ROs without any compunction whatsoever.
• Why did the media take the partisan line? Was there pressure from Govt. or the private Oil companies who had made the media toe their line? Is there an insidious design to market their products in the country, when the EOU status, received under great fanfare, is now no more attractive with overseas markets in doldrums?

There are deeper issues than what has been portrayed in the media. A debate on the role of media and other agencies involved or likely to benefit from discrediting of Oil Sector officers is imperative. I am sure we all want the truth to come out and the taint of “terrorist” with which we have been painted, will have to be washed away.


Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of Parliament (MP)

Friends of PSUs --> two aspects to be observed from this news item which you may have got in your emails.
A. The salaries of MPs.. they raise their own by simple voice votes.. and deny ours
B. The furore was created when honourable PM asked the pvt sector to reduce their salaries in a poor nation like ours in some seminar where all the Private Sector people were present (maybe the CEI or something-- pls get the link someone for posting here). So when now Pvt sector people - some of them - are ridiculing us for holding the nation to ransom for salary this item might remind them that money is requried by everybody or else this chain mail would not have started. Because PM did not talk of PSUs then).

Monthly Salary : 12,000
Expense for Constitution per month : 10,000
Office expenditure per month : 14,000
Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km) : 48,000 ( eg..For a visit from kerala to Delhi & return: 6000 km)
Daily DA TA during parliament meets : 500/day
Charge for 1 class (A/C) in train: Free (For any number of times) (All over India )
Charge for Business Class in flights : Free for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)
Rent for MP hostel at Delhi : Free
Electricity costs at home : Free up to 50,000 units
Local phone call charge : Free up to 1 ,70,000 calls.
TOTAL expense for a MP [having no qualification] per year : 32,00,000 [i.e . 2.66 lakh/month]
TOTAL expense for 5 years : 1,60,00,000
For 534 MPs, the expense for 5 years:8,54,40,00,000 (nearly 855 crores)


This is how all our tax money is been swallowed and price hike on our regular commodities. ...... And this is the present condition of our country:

855 crores could make their life livable !! Think of the great democracy we have........ . PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL REAL CITIZENS OF INDIA ... but, STILL Proud to be INDIAN

TOI- Times Of India News dtd 16-9-2009

At last media has woken up. This is why I read TOI! They do maintain the standards of news reporting and presenting facts to the Public. Alas if only I could say this of some other papers.

Please click on the images to open it in browser and read or click here

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum - Poetry is the best outlet to sadness inside


Main aur mere Colleauges, aksar yeh baatein karte hain
revision hota to kaisa hota, hum yeh kehte, tum voh kehte
Tum is revision per khush hote, tum us nai pay slip dekh ke kitna hanste
revision hota to aisa hota, revision hota to vaisa hota
Main aur mere colleauges aksar yeh baatein karte hain

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi strike karte karte,
abb baahon mein hai suspensions,
Mere jism-o-jaan hai rote'
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi hath mai abb katora lete' lete'

Yeh sarkar hai, inki neeyat dhamkiya se' bhari hui hai
yeah Pandey hai ya Ambani ka koi khabri,
oil co's ki maherbani se inki raate' saji huyi hai,
Yeh bureacrats hai ya mantriyo ke chamche
intellectuals hai ya 5wi fail ke baache'
officers ke pay raise ki demand hakikat hai,
ya bureacrats ke badan ki badboo
Yeh all india strike ka aasar hai, ya tumhari kurshi ka durr?
Yeh sochta hoon main kab se gumsum
Ke jab ki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai
Ke tum nikameee ho, , kissi ke nahin ho
Magar yeh dil hai ke keh raha hai
Ke tum imcompetent ho, kissi ke nahin ho

O, tu Oil Co ke CEO ho, hai main hoon ek officer,
Tu na ho to main kahan hoon

Mujse Kaam karane waale
Tu jahan hai main vahan hoon
Hamein milna hi tha suspensions,
Issi raah pe nikalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte...........

Mm, meri suspensions mai chamke,
tere nikamepan ki khusboo,
Teri terminations ek saboot hai
Koi Minister ka issara'
Koi aur bhi kaadam utthale'
bache offiers ko chunke chunke,
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte

Majboor yeh haalat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi hai,
depression ki ek raat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi

Kehne ko bahut kuch hai, magar kis se kahe hum
Kab tak yunhi khaamosh rahe aur sahe hum

Dil kehta hai Media ki har ek channel ko udda' de
Jooth jo media ney dee hai, ushe sath milker gira de

Kyoon dil mein sulagte rahe, logon ko bata de
Haan yeah Media jooth hai, unpadh hai, be-khabar hai,
Ab dil mein yehi baat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi saath saath chalte
Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
Yunhi strike karte karte...

Time to Introspect

It will be wrong on my part if I do not allow this message from being uploaded here. Friends this is a blog -on the web -public are watching.. not the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem that we will come and cry. Already Public Sympathy is lost due to Media - let us not do further damage. This mail from an ex-officer of IOCL should help us introspect and what we are doing now wrong? Pls think and then use this blog in the manner it was originally meant to be. We must learn to hear the opposite view, then only we can get respect and from respect comes power. With the power that arises from respect a leader can do much more rather than with the power that arises from the gun. Because in the case of the gun the opponent can always take out a bigger gun.
I have been following the oil industry developments with great interest. I was happy for once that you personally did not get the opportunity to participate in the mess, quite the way you wanted! The whole thing was so systematically mismanaged. The after effects, and the manner of attempting to correct wrong notions in public mind, is also ridiculous.

While striking work is a conventional bargaining technique, there are laws and circumstances which limits its usage. There is an economic recession on; people world over are affected by job cuts and in many places, voluntary surrender of emoluments, so that the company stays afloat. As for what was reflected in the media, was it not the duty of the strikers to ensure proper communication and building up public opinion prior to launching of the agitation? People generally view oil industry executives in this country as very well paid, very corrupt; just about floating in oil and alcohol. We have never done much to change this perception. Hence, it seems only natural that various sections of society do not bleed for our woes.

Regarding the blog in question, most of it is rubbish and parts irrelevant to the issue. One guy writes "mother India..." etc, as if it is a political speech. The need of the hour is a balanced soul-searching. The oil industry is huge in terms of revenue earned and also geographical spread. The revenue earned is a direct political decision, as the prices of petroleum products continue to be "administered" and not determined by supply demand factors alone. Do oil men expect to be saluted for this? As for the geographical spread, that too is a consequence of political and bureaucratic decision. What is the great contribution of the striking oil men in this? As for hours of work, compensation for hardship location, Leh, Ladhak et al, isn't there a differential compensation package in place? People do often live away from families for work exigencies, but to counter this, there is hugely subsidised facilities available for these officers; their families are also able to continue getting housing facilities at the place of their choice. Not many industries are half as generous in this regard. So where is the great patriotism of oil men in this?

There is a lot of comparison with private sector, private oil companies etc. Do you really believe that all, or even many, of these oil men have refused much higher paying jobs in the private sector for patriotic reasons? If and when such a rare thing does happen, the issues that tilt the balance are more likely to be job security, largely assured career progression, glamorous "other oilmen" with their ostentatious lifestyle sustained by a cleptocratic ethos.

Some guys have written in the blog with an "I have done this great job" attitude. Do they ever stop to think, was it not your duty to do this job, weren't you paid for it? I have come across people coming together to clean-up dirty parks or polluted streams on sundays to protect the environment and "mother nature". There is no compulsion or remuneration for such work; it is purely voluntary. Have you ever heard oil men doing such "kar seva" for mother India! So where is the great sacrifice?

Many guys who thought they were better than their colleagues, and who were also largely assessed as such by their superiors, left public sector for the private. Does anyone think that those who did not make it, or want it for reasons of comfort and security, were a holier lot? So what is all this about private sector poaching? A free market necessarily means that one is free to sell one's labour and intellect as one deems fit. Most oil men in India were "nurtured by the public sector". But that is because, for some decades private players were not allowed in the sector. Before that, when the public sector was first set up, most oil men came from erstwhile private sectors. This is entirely a function of political whims, rationalized and intellectualized by the bureaucracy. There never was any great sacrifice by any oil man in this.

Some guys have boasted in the blog that they are not a part of the "Association" as they are too senior; yet they have stood up for the striking officers . I see that Deputy General Managers now fall in this category. Well, one must decide once and for all, whether one wants to be a mouth-piece of a unionized group, or an ar-- hole of the management. Why should the "management" support and incite the unionized juniors, especially when their own jobs are secure. It seems highly unfair that some should try to get benefit out of the risks, sufferings and blunders of others. The DGMs who worked during the strike should either have joined the Association and strikers, or else whole-heartedly supported the "Management" and they government. I get a feeling that such people have caused more harm than good to the cause of the strikers. The union leaders at the ground level have been listening too closely to these bosses who had nothing to lose and everything to gain in either case of success or failure of the strikers. Hence, they failed to be receptive to the moods of the government and the nation. Unionized agitators necessarily have to be smart enough to negotiate, which means to get at least a perceived win-win situation for both sides.

On the whole, the whole thing was badly organized, and hence doomed. Was it because the concerned agitators were used to a protected environment and didn't know how to find their bearing in a real situation? Even now, I find that oilmen are cursing the free press for misinformation, when they should only blame themselves for failing to come across with even objective facts such as current emoluments. Coming back to the blog in question, I find almost everything there factually wrong. The only exception is the statement that salaries were wrongly reflected in the media. But the oilmen only have themselves to thank for this mismanagement of information.

Having said so much, I wonder if you will read all this.
Well I have read the mail fully and used it too quite in contrast to what the sender thought about me. But I wonder will you read the message and start introspecting?

In fact has anybody of you reading this blog understood whom I really directed my own message to - the media or ourselves? [ I do have this habit of bi-directional shooting]

Shantanu Das

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Role of Indian Media in dissemination of information

"Aloker ei jharna dhara-ey dhui-yey dao Apnakey,
Ei luki -ey Rakha Dhular Dhaka Dhuiyey dao"

-- Rabindranath Tagore
Alok=Light, Jharna=Spring, Dhara= Flow, Dhuiey= Wash, Dao= Do it, Apnakey- Self/ Yourself,
Ei= This, Lukiey= Hidden, Dhular= Dust, Dhaka= Covered.

--Let this Brilliant Light that springs forth like a fountain from the depth of the earth wash away the thick layer of dust that was hiding your real self.

Just like the the Nobel Laureate Poet is involking the shining light to wash away the age old layers of dust that had hidden our true selves, I thank the Media & all those who are behind them for their abominable behaviour as pointed out by the aggrieved Officer's mail to Zeenews Network (in Post-no-1 of this blog), because it has actually wiped off the layers of dust on our collective souls. Your behaviour has now made us shake our lethargy and indifference to our environment and have shaken our collective SOULS! You have started a MOVEMENT.

Never before you saw a 3 day strike in the Oil Sector in the history of Post Indepedent India( for that matter even before that) and yet we ask you, DID you ever think why???????? Alas you did not even have a child's curiosity to ask questions.. What you did was just club our strike with the Trucker's Strike and even confused who is demanding what (saying Petrol Pump employees are asking for reduction of price)!!!

Yes, I thank you Zee news, I thank you Star news, I thank you India TV! I thank you Aaj Tak! I thank all of you Private News Channels for what you have done in 3 days, we never dreamt of doing in years!

I SALUTE you & your bunch of shrieking, loud voiced, theatrical, half witted, uninformed news anchors who thrive on the moment - you who employ these people who do not even half the brain to understand that "Electricity cannot be stored" as proved by the half witted lady of a news channel whose voice revealed her anxiety of meeting her target (her editor must have told her.. "get the interviewee to say that his buffer of electricity will last 2 days" and so this oil strike is so much harmful or else YOU will not get your increment!!). The top man of the Delhi Power station kept telling her that - yes the gas turbines were not running due to shortage of gas (due to the strike) but electricity shortfall of 500 MWs is being taken care of by his coal based generation and tapping from the neighbouring GRID - & so there will be no problem..but this young lady kept pestering him (in Hindi) "So, Sir, your gas turbines are not running.. what do you think? How long will your buffer or stock will last?" The man kept saying.."We cannot not store Electricity.. My gas stock is not there but no problems we will take electricity from UP Grid" she insisted "Phirbhi (Still 2 days 3 days?)" Why not? This is the Quality of Private Sector TV Channels!! Alas!!

Poor people they are, my dear readers!! I know they, the pvt media, are helpess. After all all THESE private Channels have to compete! Till late 70s or early 80s we had only the print media, which was much more responsible at that time. Then came Doordarshan or DD as we now know it as. Then suddenly in the past few years with the technological advancement we have seen mushrooming of a plethora of Private News Channels. And these news channels need their TRPs to survive.

Because greater the TRP means greater the advertisement Revenue they can earn and and and..and (???) .... hmm..why do you think PRIVATE PLAYERS DO business for? TO make money! ! (See Satyam??) No prizes for the answer!

(NEVER FORGET THIS-- Private Players do buisness for Money- because this site will deal on that too, and take you through a Premiere show- one who these people never dreamt of.)

So at least we saw DD news give a more subdued coverage, because it is not there for TRPs, though of course it too did not portray our points and views. But then they are excused, after all DD News is owned by Govt just like we are.. the POOR PUBLIC Sector !! In fact more so!

What Mr D. Ray, has pointed out in his well written letter (and I can understand how much time he must have taken to form the words- after all he is part of management of INDIANOIL) is that the Private Media has behaved very irresponsibly, their anchors only believing in Sensationalising the News without taking the Trouble of Probing the facts and performing the TRUE role of the MEDIA- Bringing out the TRUTH.

Yes a strike is the last resort, but when the other side will not listen at all, then what next? This is an eternal debate that wil keep raging till the end of PSUs.

But I am happy that in this process the whole incident now has unleased an unparalleled anger among not only Oil Sector but all Public Sector Employees and if the officers can only now channel their anger into creating a new dawn Unionism at least the next strike will not fizzle out in this manner, if we ever have to resort to it again.

Jai Public Sector!
Jai Hind!

Shantanu Das

Federation of BHEL Executives Associations

Federation of BHEL Executives Associations
G-95, Saket, New Delhi – 110 017
KSN Raju HS Jodhka
President Secretary General
Ph:919490492099 Ph:919818599320

The oil sector Executives are on strike for a just cause. We support their agitation in principle. THE FEDERATION OF BHEL EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATIONS has also launched an action programme to press for highly reasonable demands which are as follows:
The Justice MJ Rao Committee Recommendations should be implemented with minor modifications.
Instead of improving upon the recommendations and removing the anomalies, the bureaucracy has downgraded it vastly which is totally unacceptable to us. This action of downgrading the recommendations of a duly constituted committee headed by a former Supreme court Judge is unprecedented.


Equivalent Central Government pay should be implemented in Toto including the working conditions, Pension, Tax benefits etc. Since we are a profit making undertaking the performance related payments should be made.

The bureaucracy has been misleading all by all by claiming that the package offered is much superior to the Central Government pay. We refute this claim and hence this demand.
Our action programme was launched on 06/01/2009 with highly successful “Lunch Boycott” throughout BHEL.

On 17’th January we shall stay back after normal working hours and work throughout the night. If the Government does not heed our highly reasonable demands we will be constrained to strike work. It will be with great reluctance that we may be forced to take such an extreme step as it will upset the country’s ambitious power capacity addition programme. BHEL has outstanding order book of 1.40 lakh crores.
H S Jodhka


Press Statement
for favour of publication dated 8 Jan. 2009
The National Confederation of Officers’ Associations’ of Central Public Sector Undertakings strongly condemns the repressive measures adopted by the Government of India against the striking Officers serving of the Oil Sector.

It is a shame that instead of resolving the issues the Government is resorting to strong arm tactics. If the Government continues with such measures, the National Confederation will be compelled to call for a larger strike in the Public Sector.

The Government in violation of all international labour standards denies the right to collective bargaining to the Officer of the Central Public Sector Undertakings. The Government appointed a high powered committee headed by a retired Judge of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and then arbitrarily opted to unilaterally modify the recommendations of the committee. The National Confederation proposes to file a complaint with the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The National Confederation demands that the Government
v Immediate resolve the issues raised by the Officers of the Oil Sector
v Withdraw Punitive Action against the Officers
v Ensure that the recommendations made by the Justice Rao Committee are not diluted.

(K. Ashok Rao)

An alternate viewpoint in dealing with media menace:

Oil Sector officers with astounding grief watched helplessly a maligning campaign by popular media houses while our voice was no where to be seen. Thankfully Lok Sabha TV did organize a debate, but then that came too little too late. Personally I watched self proclaimed (award winning) high levels of journalism falling to pieces in quest for TRPs. The rats were in the race to prove among themselves who is better at distorting facts, subversing truth & projecting another citizen of nation as a villain thus self becoming the heroes and champions of public cause.

Not one channel tried to verify the facts. The likes and best of guardians of respective channels, Mr. X and Shriman Y who were supposed to be the best in their class, got wiped out in the deluge of providing mis-information to aam public. As seniors of an industry I wonder what action popular newsmen take to set their houses right, than point fingers at Oil Sector officers who had been waging a negotiating process right fully within constitutional frameworks for last 2 and half years. What a shame to call a group of “people” un-patriotic when compared to these messiahs of information, these unpatriotic “people” sweat their blood 24 hours a day, in roughtest and toughtest of climatic and demographic conditions and yet pay more taxes combined together than any other class of industry. Do not forget multi-million conglomerates who take pride in being Zero-Tax Companies and yet get accolades from TV coverage. (Well you also pay for watching their advertisements)

Having said that I would like to point out a few points:-

Most of the channel presenters do not remember what they just said a few minutes ago, as most of the items they say is either read out to them and even if it is an extempore they keep on repeating same points at least 15 times in an hour. (If you don’t believe then watch their “special” bulletins which are usually 30 min. programs and there sentences carry banality for the whole time). Hence there is no point in reaching to them and telling them what they said was wrong. It will be a waste of our energies in making parrots sing like cuckoo.
Dear people of our country were indeed troubled and either stood in fuel lines or watched the “breaking news”. A few also chose to say #$#%* on the national TV for which a lady presenter had to apologise. However as soon as the evening news flashed of reopening of petrol bunkers, all was forgotten. People were back to business and today I challenge to conduct an opinion poll on how much time people think about the oil sector worries, they will say “doesn’t bother”. So the gist is public memory is short for greatest of scandals, they will not care of who said what a week ago. Who was on strike and how media presented it. Only we the emotional kinds remember it. So no point in again approaching media to issue corrective words. Again we waste our energies in promulgating words that have no socio-economic significant to public life. Why any one in general public bothers to listen to your clarifications.
Character rape & assassination has always been a stronghold of private news and media channels. $akhhi #awant getting kissed gets them more eyeballs than Laurels our sport persons achieve. Noida Murder case of a teenage girl was publicly decided by media and tarnished the image of her parents. As a parent my self I feel disgusted with it. Another Noida Serial murder accused got more publicity than Election of President of India. Our basic nurturing and values inculcated by middle class livings have acted in manner that hurt us most by being accused of treason when we know we have unsung heroes who kept alive the energy security of the country. Well no body also knows how a business house stopped their production units during kargil war as production of excess diesel would harm their business interests. So no point in approaching the rapist and asking them to marry you.
We should understand that there is also a stiff competition among journo who in most cases become one by default after not getting through any of the professional institutes in early days of their lives. Hence for them their survival can only depend on creating sensation that also provides them with adequate air time to advertise them. I watched IBN7on 10th late afternoon when an over-zealous presenter used up all his Hindi vocabulary and didn’t even allow Amit Kumar to answer. While he not only forced his language through the viewers but also tried to buy more time on air so that Amit Kumar can be held on their channel for longer duration that can later be claimed to be an achievement in both the cases of success and defeat. You would have seen their own advertisements where they claim more eyeballs watched them during election and what not. Hence writing to same people about their misdeeds when their survival depends on it is like showing mirror to monkey. He will only break it.
Recently one loss making airlines dramatised sacking of their employees to garner relief package from government and in the ensuing drama, protests by handful of “smartly dressed” people were covered intensely by media. Their sad stories and anonymous accounts were shared with the people of India, about how they cannot pay their personal loans taken for buying flashy mobiles & goggles. The euphoria was created to help the company in gathering public support of their hardships and thus Govt. interference through labor ministry, aviation ministry was achieved. Even “Sansani” News has advertisement breaks that sponsor them to show misery of a common man in streets being murdered for no fault. Hence the news is a purchasable commodity and the same should be bought and not sought.

Media houses can be tried by exposing them on public forums and rightfully through doors of justice under following:
Their undue wolf cry created panic buying among public leading to early starvation of petrol pumps. Thereby reducing negotiation time for both the Govt. and the employees. This also led to situation where stringent measures were enforced. Hence case under NSA can be explored for creating panic in public with unverified facts through over-enthusiastic ugly presenters. It was also seen on a few petrol pumps that there was a riot like condition. Hence these presenters can be booked of instigating rioting.
They spread rumors about oil workmen who are honorable citizens of their country by terming them terrorists and on other side using similar terms for enemies of country who are either planning or planned an attack on the country. Hence they can be charged by using terminologies which are derogatory in nature. They can also be tried for creating an environment of hate against a community (of oil people) and making general people believe that they are the losers when not a single tax payer’s rupee will be affected on the outcome. (Well I forgot how many actually pay tax! In our country) & what do you call tax evaders – militants??

Friends, These guys would never know the difference between a terrorist, militant, insurgent, mercenary, or separatist. It is their job to attract people by their rhetoric. In any case sensibility does exist. We may explore the same by approaching the right people rather than pouncing on channel presenters who would be deleting your mails by a click on their mouse button. Better sense still prevails in some part of electronic and print media; we only need to find them. I do not know yet because of my limited exposure to this class. But then our CC can help to identify the right people at right places. For e.g. even after all this I know prannoy and rajdeep can initiate a debate..

On closing account, please remember economics matter more than sentiments & prestige in the open world out there. I am proud of my oil men and women & you are the Best.

Jai Hind.


This refers to the TOI editorial “ Over A Barrel” (Jan 10).

First of all we appreciate your concern about the crisis in right way andwould like to provide some more facts.

It is believed, Judiciary is for justice and media is to bring the facts topublic. As all of us know, the country has just undergone the historicstrike by officers of Oil PSU lasting for 3 days for the first time andthrashed by Govt by imposing ESMA/NSA/ARMY as Brahmastra when it becameuncontrollable on 3rd day.

Though the strike in any form is not a good thing at all and simply causesinconvenience to general public and must be avoided particularly byeducated officers committed to national growth. The biggest question is whythey went on strike. In this strike, there was no slogan/Dharna/damage topublic property and so it was not basically a strike rather abstaining fromwork as they were ignored for many years. It looked as they were novice andwere neither professional striker nor opportunist negotiator otherwise theycould have called off strike when Petroleum minister happened to be kindenough to visit Indian Oil colony late night on 08.01.2009.

CJI had once told that incapable judge to retire and so incapable Govt. machinery must also retire who could not negotiate with officers andmisrepresented the facts to public through news channel. It is the clearmisuse of sovereignty of MEDIA broadcasting one-sidedly and inapt handling.It shows how fair is media and how corrects are their news over which wenormally rely. Instead of making efforts for negotiation, Govt was busy inrepeated announcement of price cut and diverting the issue.

For the information of public, the entry-level officer even does not get 1/3rd salary of what was portrayed in TV. Govt. should not make merry of it, as it is a DEATH of democracy. Striking officers should have also been listened equally. If technocrats will not be respected, there will be moreBRAIN DRAINS. It was a total inept handling of crisis by both sides.

It is PSU who has supplied oil to every nook and corner of the country beat any losses when crude price was soaring high at $145 and even more. Atthat time private sector closed their pump started exporting oil to mintmoney. Where was ESMA/NSA and DESHBHAKTI at that time as Zee TV called themDESHDROHI? Does the Zee TV know the meaning of it? Where goes ESMA/NSA/ARMYwhen political party called strike damaging country in much largermagnitude and harassing general public? They are educated and they respectthe law of land and so when army was directed and Govt had nothing beyondthat and country was in trouble, most probably they called off strike andany way calling strike off was not a matter of SHAME rather a PRIDE.

What Govt could not do, they did by calling off strike and avoided confrontation and arrest? As we know, they are supplying fuel uninterruptedly to every point of the country at whatever profit/loss, theyfought Kargil helping Army shoulder to shoulder, they shared pain withpeople during Tsunami, Bhuj earthquake, Bihar worst flood etc but neverportrayed in news as they feel all these part of their duties. These are national obligation without any credit. Do we think, officers educated fromtop institution of India and working in NAVRATNA company still do not knowthe value of their duties and meaning of lifeline energy source?

Does the public know the fact that their salary was last revised in 1997for 10 years? Does the public know they are still getting salary based onthe scale fixed in 1997? Is it fair anyway or do they not deserve revisedpay even after 12 years and that too Govt delaying for last 2 years underthe clutches of bureaucracy? How much period is minimum for Govt to take adecision for the cause of educated officers? They called off strike becausethey are educated. Had workers called the strike, Govt would never imposeESMA so easily as they are their vote banks. And why Govt. is interferingin wage settlement for executives only?

Basically Oil has become a political game in our country and nothing else. Why their Board of directors was not empowered to decide the pay package of executive also in the same way as it is being done for non-executives whoare 4 times in number having larger financial impact? Had other PSU joinedin strike, situation could have been worse. Why CMDs of PSU have been threatened for exit as per news when they have no power to decide anythingrelated to wages for executive. Media must go into depth and find the facts with figures with all sincerity and honesty looking both sides of the coin. The tireless effort made by the chairman of IndianOil in getting the Stike called off is extraordinarily appreciable.

Zee TV portraying educated officers, as “DESHDROHI”is indeed deplorable. It is felt that Zeenetwork is an insane media institute. Should we take that educated officers have no FREEDOM OF SPEECH in democratic society and have no family obligation besides NATION? These officers work even in remotest part of country for 10 to 16 hours a day. Nation is first and so strike was called off but it could have been calledmuch earlier also. The patience of educated officers for two long years must be appreciated and Govt. must have acted in time to avoid suchsituation. It looks presently like the whole fiasco was created to make aplatform for private sector as an alternate fuel station as crude price hasalready come down to $40 and profit can be made at HOME by private sectorand exporting may not be so profitable now. Why private sector does notconstruct fuel station in Leh Ladhakh whereas Oil PSU feels pride asservice to nation?

It is requested sincerely from core of the heart that the media is havingequally greater role like Oil PSU and must introspect about their dutiesand make efforts to find the facts and make public aware as partnerchannel. Media having important role in nation building as ours and exposethose responsible for recent turmoil created by some of the bureaucratsjust to assuage their ego instead of blaming officers only and claiming victory. Confrontation in all sorts must be avoided to build our nation infuture. It is a lesson learnt for both and both must act to their duties sincerely.

With the facts cited above one can understand the reason of strike and whoblackmailed whom. Moreover, salary of Oil PSU officers should be more thanthe counterpart in private sector due difficult working condition andcommitment to NATION.


BN Thakur

Sr. Manager (E), PDO

M- 9416010680

Reply to Editorial in TOI