Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to counter Zee News

We are all total 55 thousand officers in the oil sector. Our spending power per month is more than a few hundred crores (Even without pay revision and the so called 1 lakh remuneration). To counter ZeeNews simply stop watching it.

In your homes make it a point to boycott Zee News. That is the weak spot - hurt them where it hurts. Down grade their TRP. Remember many people will watch ZeeNews but what ZeeNews want is that people with spending power to watch Zee News.

Do not discuss what Zee TV Aired. Behave like a channel called Zee News does not exist.

In fact I have already locked Zee News (With full cooperation from my family members) my brother has also supported me and done the same in his house. My cousins who see how I am struggling to keep afloat with the so called 1 Lakh remuneration has also supported me and locked Zee News in their houses.

Recently I have started circulated one message to all vendors (Banks, Micro wave oven manufacturers, Washing Machine manufacturers, etc) who try to sell me something. In case I come to know that they are advertising in Zee News I shall not buy that brand.

Come on try to implement it - it will work.
Dipdyuti Chowdhury

Added by Proudiocian : Boycott all channels of ZeeTV not just Zeenews : Zee bangla (& all regional languages), Zee Hindi and so on. Boycott all Products and Services of ZEE Network (even have a lookout for any food products they may be selling.. you never know who has diversified into what). And SURRENDER DISHTV switch to TataSky etc

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