Friday, January 16, 2009

TOI- Times Of India News dtd 16-9-2009

At last media has woken up. This is why I read TOI! They do maintain the standards of news reporting and presenting facts to the Public. Alas if only I could say this of some other papers.

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  1. See this comment at the above link of TOI site?


    I am not sure who gave the salary slip to these newspaper ppl... what they are hiding is that they get many more perks which do not show up in the salary slip. For example, my friend who has 1 yr exp in an oil company gets a take home salary of around 23k. Above this he gets a house whose rent in the open market would be around 25k per month. Also since he is in marketing, he is reimbursed ~Rs 10 per every km he travels. He travels around 100 kms a day and spends less that Rs400 on petrol. He also gets lot of other perks. He himself told me that with the increments they are demanding, his salary would be almost triple of what he makes right now. All these things are not given to anyone in the private sector. So why are the oil PSU employees crying??

    Friends of PSUs and OIL PSUs and IOC. you must understand tha human jealousy makes one blind to truth. Even when TOI has come out with such a forceful news this chap is disbelieving .. his starting sentence reeks of foolishness.

    But I WILL say my own young colleague whoever he was whose fried Asif is MORE FOOLISH if he has given those wrong mileage figs and not explained that this is not perks but reimbursement and that not all get and if he gone and also boasted that our salary is going to triple.. then I will say we have dug our own graves.. now go and tell Asif whoever you are!!


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