Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let India Know the Truth of its Affairs

Are the People of Nava Ratnas of the Nation / Mother India Blackmailers/ Rent-seekers -----? Think & Stand up to Save Mother India from Oppressive Blows of the Seekers of Interests of Privates & Players in the Indian State for Privates?
(JP Lilwan)
  • Hopes & Aspirations of our Great Nation has well been served & are being served till date by the Oil PSUs particularly in the days of dead difficulties. Then, let it be the situation of wars / droughts / earthquakes / floods / Tsunami or even in the midst of “Self-entertaining Elites in the echelons of Privatized Media “.
  • Is it not true that the task of nurturing the Nation & its Economy is well being done by the Oil PSUs despite of worst hits of recessions all over the world? The world is facing its vulnerable plight because it has been thrown in the oppressive hands & jaws of the Capitalism & Privatization of Economies, consequent up on which there is a sharp decline in the Balance Sheet of the Democracy. It is really a sorry state of affairs that the Money & Muscles today are deciding the fate of our Nation & its Democracy in the Circles of Media / Economy & Bureaucracy.
  • When the prices of Crude were on soar to sky, these are the Oil PSUs only which kept the wheels of National Economy going on and taking the entire burden on their head while Private Sector closed its ROs & ran out of the POL products supply & services to the Democracy of the Nation .
  • Exercising of a democratic device to raise the voice by a section of our civil society was sternly oppressed and Media & Bureaucracy is turning the Nation in to a cynical oppressive regime from a vibrant & civil democracy.
  • The hurricanes of Globalization of Media / Privatization of Economy thru molding of laws just to suit the interests of Private Business under the votary of Liberalization is nothing but Turning the Nation into a Live Hub of Broadcasting the Dirt & Lies and not the Larger / Real facts of and about the prevailing affairs in the Nation .
  • Is it not true that Oil PSUs are giving 15% of the National GDP?
  • Is it not true that 64% of the Gross Revenues come from OIL PSUs in the Economy of the Nation?
  • Is it not true that 45% of the Energy Consumption comes from the Oil PSUs in our Nation?
  • Is it not true that the work –force of Most Talented & Performing 55000 “Professional / Skilled / Talented / Intellectual Technocrats & Treasure of our Nation and a part of People of India have abruptly been abused to the levels of worst in History by a “Few mediocre news readers arranged to work in Private Media and serve the interests of those who are accountable to none but to their Black Money and Blackmailing the Mother India.?” It is a shame to the Privatization of Media and also on the part of some persons who claim to be the “Public /People’s Servant”.
  • Is it not true that the leaders of the 55000 officers of Oil PSUs ran pillar to post since more than two & half years but every time they were left un-listened by the concerned persons and none of their say anywhere was represented or reported in the right perspective by the media – Electronic or Print Media? How dangerous is the Privatization of Media for a Democracy can be, is live a evidence now if reports of Indian Express on the issue are taken in view about the Strike of Oil PSUs -- People of India?
  • Is it not True that the “ Voice of Nav – Ratnas of our beloved Nation / democracy & People of India “ and one of the Most -Performing work –force which are consistently improving thru performing in the “Fortune-500 of the World “ were termed as “ Black-mailers / Rent –seeking / required to be “cleaned-up”/ “ Strikes lies / born in our un-reformed energy economics”/ “ these cynical /criminal/rent-seeking must draw the contempt of all India.” ?
  • Is it not true that the Democratic Voice of the 55000 most talented performing work force of the Nation was crushed in “the most abusive language “by the mediocre in the Privatized Media?
  • Is it not true that the Strike is a purely Democratic Path to Raise the Voice on the issues involved and preparing a respectable way for a dialogue in a Democratic Nation?
  • Can Democracy be left on the mercy of men of cruel means & Oppressive Behavior”? Now, times really have come that the Nation is being forced to eat the poisonous fruits of Privatization & Private Players in the Circles of Media and Economy.
  • Are they not leading the Nation to doom? Are they not stabbing to death to our democracy? Think, my Nation and let a National Debate be there across the country on the roles of “Privatization of Media & Economy“.
  • The Image of the “Nav-ratnas “of the Nation has been abruptly tarnished by the Privatization of the Media. Is it not so? If yes, we must act up on this front to save our beloved Nation & Democracy by seeking recourse under all possible democratic means.
  • The Print & Electronic Media particularly after the on-set of thunders of privatization in the Nation is taking a heavy toll. It is a live show of lies and dirt and not the plight of people and democracy from the Nation.
  • The articles or news items published by Indian Express about the Strike of Oil PSUs in particular and others in general are live evidences that they are free now to abuse the Nation & its NavaRatna Status Institutions in the manner as they please.
  • It is the duty now for every Nation –Loving Indian to save the Nation from the abuses & offenses of the Privatized Media & Private Players in the Public -Sector. We can beat any Private Business House in the field of performance with having realization and sense of serving the Nation and our People but is it the way to deal with the voice of the Leaders of the Strike of Oil PSUs by the Private media and persons preparing to serve the interests of Privates?
  • The people because of whom our beloved Nation can stand with pride & respect among the galaxy of Nations, even in the worst currents of Economic Recession today, the people of Nation who were honored as “NAVA RATNAS OF NATION” are painted by the Private Media & its supporter “Public Servant “as --- People who took the country on hostage / the rent-seeking son-in-laws of Mother India to resort to Blackmail and ransom the Nation.
  • Should we must not file a case against of Indian Express reports & reporters and other media channels that tarnished the image of the Nav-Ratnas of our beloved Mother India. ?
  • Not listening the voice of a group of people despite of repeated requests and put them to the crushing ways is nothing but giving a sign that the STATE now as per great Political Philosopher , Antonio Gramschi is being turned into “a live organism of Oppression / Suppression & Repression of the Expression of Democracy & Democratic ways “
  • Are we not sensing or smelling that there can be a Conspiracy against of our Nation / Democracy and its Pride Institutions like Oil PSUs to throw them to the feet of Private Interests where voice of people is hacked /sacked. If so , it will be beginning of a Black Era .

Dear / Respected all Nation-Loving People , Come to save the Civilty in the Nation . Act to get free the Democracy in Mother India which has been endangered by certain circles of " Privates / Privatization :

With regards,

( JP Lilwan)

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  1. Laying the path of democratic principles in the nineteenth century itself, as the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln had sort of defined “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. He had also said that “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time”. From the reverse angle, championing other principles of government, Chairman Mao Tse Tung (now better known as Mao Zedong) is very often quoted to have proudly proclaimed “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend”. Today in the land of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, lately transformed to “Gandhigiri” where the motto itself of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd,’s pride “The Times of India” is “LET TRUTH PREVAIL” the hard reality is that we have brutal oppression of basic rights. How vain it all sounds where we shout hoarse as citizens of the world’s largest democracy. Is this the sovereign, democratic republic called India? Everything seems to be just pseudo. And its not British hegemony, plain and simple, our own fellow brethren are out to annihilate us – the media, politicians et al.

    At the sunset of my long career in India’s PSU oil industry, it only makes me remember that cover story in Aroon Poorie’s “India Today” a couple of years back after China’s great massacre of youth protesting at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square as “CHINA’s GREAT LEAP BACKWARD” consigning Chainman Mao’s sayings to nothingness. Are not the incidents, coverage and fallout of 09/01 in India not starkly similar?

    Adages and great sayings apart, rise, everyone rise exactly like the proverbial Phoenix rising from ashes. Also, realize, understand, appreciate and then act. Let not the brute dictated brawn cow down realities, a brawn which, as tongues now freely wag to say, was laced with big money changing hands. Let the media communicate the real facts if they really have the guts and are fair and frank. I will not dwell to reiterate the factual financial status of the “DESDHOHIS” as much has been already communicated about all that, but as a conscientious Indian, it aggrieves me to pine for our media not to become pawns working under the diktat of some military junta.


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