Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letter to All Media

Dear friend,

Media criticised our strike and called us Deshdrohi and at par with antinational. Dear media you tell us what is another way if some body does not want to listen genuine demands of employees. Required no. of representations and request were sent to competent authority. Of course there was problem at large with masses for which we are painful and sorrybut for getting genuine demands which were pending for more than two year it was a normal anguish. No body expects that it will take three days for petroleum sector Govt ignore the seriousness of the petroleum strike.These pay scales are going to be revised for 10 year from 01.01.2007 therefore it was the outburst of employees.

But what media actity you have done? You damaged the image of oil employees, youforget the selfless service of oil employees. you forget the bombay high, kargil,assam and registhan in which we are 24 hour working at all level.We are proud of iocian as we work hard for corporation and country. we hadfought with Army navy and airforce with full enthusism.with regards


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  1. These media persons are nothing but the bought 'parrots' of the Government who would propagate the most outrageous lies for a little 'palm greasing'. It was another example of 'IRESPONSIBLE REPORTING" by the media. I am sure no member of the media actually made an attempt to find out the real reason why the Oil Officers had to resort to strike. They sat, well dressed and cocksure, in their air-conditioned news rooms and kept feeding the susceptible Indian public a lot of cock-and-bull stories about how the Oil Officers are holding the nation to ransom. No wonder, as THEY get paid princely sums for reporting meaningless, vacuous, utterly frivolous 'events' like who smooched whom and how many times in "timbuctoo" and who sneezed 51 times in one hour in some remote corner of the country! Such is their level. Dumbos responsible for the dumbing down of the entire nation!

    They compare our salaries with those of the Armed Forces. Huh! How they DO talk! Where were they when the sixth pay commission report was published and the Armed Forces heads kept making referendums to the Government for increasing their salaries and the Government kept turning them down? All kinds of threatening language were used by the Government to shut them up! It was only after the Mumbai carnage and after nationwide condemnation of the politicians and hailing of the Armed Forces that they finally got SOME upward revision in their pay! Even then, it is still less than that of the "Babus" and the "politicians". The way the media behaved during the Oilmens' strike reminds me of the Orwellian character in the novel "Animal Farm" who kept inventing all sorts of outrageous lies and kept presenting them very convincingly to the gullible 'animals' just to protect the interests of "Napoleon' the self-serving pig, also the self appointed leader of the animals and also to save his own skin.

    We are with you and we too raise our voices in solidarity and protest! (courtesy-BM)


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