Thursday, January 15, 2009

Federation of BHEL Executives Associations

Federation of BHEL Executives Associations
G-95, Saket, New Delhi – 110 017
KSN Raju HS Jodhka
President Secretary General
Ph:919490492099 Ph:919818599320

The oil sector Executives are on strike for a just cause. We support their agitation in principle. THE FEDERATION OF BHEL EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATIONS has also launched an action programme to press for highly reasonable demands which are as follows:
The Justice MJ Rao Committee Recommendations should be implemented with minor modifications.
Instead of improving upon the recommendations and removing the anomalies, the bureaucracy has downgraded it vastly which is totally unacceptable to us. This action of downgrading the recommendations of a duly constituted committee headed by a former Supreme court Judge is unprecedented.


Equivalent Central Government pay should be implemented in Toto including the working conditions, Pension, Tax benefits etc. Since we are a profit making undertaking the performance related payments should be made.

The bureaucracy has been misleading all by all by claiming that the package offered is much superior to the Central Government pay. We refute this claim and hence this demand.
Our action programme was launched on 06/01/2009 with highly successful “Lunch Boycott” throughout BHEL.

On 17’th January we shall stay back after normal working hours and work throughout the night. If the Government does not heed our highly reasonable demands we will be constrained to strike work. It will be with great reluctance that we may be forced to take such an extreme step as it will upset the country’s ambitious power capacity addition programme. BHEL has outstanding order book of 1.40 lakh crores.
H S Jodhka

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    Voices from all corners are coming to you against the action taken by you on OSOA leaders and other oil PSU officers. This is a shameful thing done by your government and by Shri R S Pandey making false propaganda about the Oil officer’s salary through irresponsible media & newspapers.

    Oil/gas officers are from well known colleges/institution like IIMs, IITs, NITIE, NFSC etc and with good academic record. They utilized their technical knowledge in the growth of the company and therefore Oil /Gas sectors are growing day by day and compete with the private oil sectors.

    It is known to all that Oil /gas sector is the backbone of any nation. Economy depends on it. It has seen by every Indian with open eye in recent strike lasted till three days. Our officers are working in high risk area without thinking of their family. They run their plant uninturuptly throughout year. They & their family feel proud to work for nation.

    On Zee news and some other news channels had compared the salary of our oil officers with Army officers. This was totally wrong and data was not correct. Our entry level officers got hardly salary of Rs.20000/- to 23000/- after serving for more than 4 years.

    To acquire fresh engineers from reputed institutions in future, pay package of officers must be revived properly keeping in mind the private oil sector competitors.
    If the proper pay structure is not framed by your govt, Oil/gas PSUs will loose these talented persons and affect on the productivity & Safety of the company.

    Please do not demoralize the oil officers and do not look at this sector uniformly with other PSUs too as it is a backbone of our nation India.


    The vision of the Government should be different from other public sectors.

    To run the oil /gas industry, talented persons are must.

    If the situation remain the same, in a year or two, one find this sector in the hand of private player.

    "Our hard work gets reflected in the balance sheet,"

    After having done outstanding results year after year (See Table) is it not the responsibility of the Ministry to reward their employees, asks another officer?

    We expect the reward from you by approving the handsome pay package so that the brilliant people will retain in the company and help the talented students/freshers to join the oil/gas sector.

    The decision is yours.

    Sir, you are one of the talented person in your party and request you to take decision wisely which will be fruitful to all so that previous situation will not happened.

    At Last, if you really love my India and want to see growing economy of our motherland & want to put our country ahead of other nations in near future, kindly approve our maximum demands and keep the oil/gas PSU (Which was laid by former PM Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru) LIVE.

    JAI HIND !


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