Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apology from StarNews

This Apology from StarNEWS is the first to come. They say they were provided by the details by Govt. They also say that they tried to contact the Leaders but they could not locate them. How could they? When Govt was sending police after them?

From: Meenakshi Sharma <meenakshis@starnews.co.in>Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 8:20 PMSubject: RE: At least don't project us as a villain!To: "vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com" <vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com>
Dear viewer,

Thanks for your email. We would like to state that the program telecast by us was purely based on the detail / document provided by the government. The program was telecast in public interest. We would also like to inform you that we had tried to get in touch with the concerned officials repeatedly but they were not available. We regret if the telecast has unintentionally hurt anyones sentiments.


From: Vipin Bhidwaria [mailto:vipinbhidwaria@gmail.com] Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 1:01 PMTo: inews@zeenetwork.com; wecare@intoday.com; Payal KakraSubject: At least don't project us as a villain!

Dear Sir/Madam,
On the name of public-interest our media is publishing & covering only one side of the story named 'Indefinite strike by Oil Sector Officers' Association'.
All the news channels(including DD news) are continuously flashing government views only, like shri Murli Deora,Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas & petroleum secretary shri R.S. Pandey,but it is again a shame on our print & electronic media that other side views, that is of OSOA president & vice-president were never convered in the media.

I shall argue that the government hi-jacked the media again and all news channels showing that the fault is not at the governments' part but it is responsibility of OSOA to maintain normalcy in the system. I STROGLY FEEL THAT STING OPERATIONS AGAINST MEDIA ARE REQUIRED AT THIS JUNCTURE. And such kind of acts will lead to total loss of faith in government and democracy.

Shri R.S pandey made the statement at several occasions on various news channels that a junior most grade officer is getting salary of more than 1 lacs per month. It is also with reference to the information provided by you behalf of Ministry of P&NG, the sources from which the secretary has taken figures are false & mis-leading & they have played with figures and it is not a big thing for any graduate. I shall argue with you for the salary figures that has been shown by you.

Sir,the media/the press is considered to be an vital factor for evolution, development & sustenance of democracy in any country and media has to play a role where pluralistic approaches are appreciated and views from both ends are addressed equally.

Due to biased media coverage, we all OSOA members have been projected as a villain & those all declared themselves as heroes, so may I know that the villain is working day-in and day-out so that a very crucial sector can keep the heart of our economy throbbing.

I appeal you to investigate the authenticity of figures & you are requested to contact our finance department for further details and investigation.Shri R.S. pandey has even added the cost of chair being provided at our work place and hance, figures are mis-leading.But,the truth is that we are having in-hand salary of Rs.19-25 thousand only(Including HRA) at entry level

It is an effort to unravel the hidden impulses of few bureaucrats & may be the government. By reducing our incentives they have de-motivated us to a lower level & demoralized all our association & all our employees. Such a crucial sector of India is ignored in terms of compensation so that TODAY'S IGNORANCE CAN BE TOMMOROW'S PERSEVERENCE FOR CORRUPTION/NEPOTISM & FAVOURTISM.It may be the turning point & sinking of our Oil-TITANIC.

You may contact me at this mail ID for further proofs.
SO, By taking responsibility you should openly clearify the misleading statement made by you.

Thank You
Yours truly,


  1. Ok fine, but do we not deserve this apology on national television.

  2. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Dhiraj Gangani dhgangs@gmail.com
    Date: Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 10:14 PM
    Subject: Thanks but not enough
    To: meenakshis@starnews.co.in

    Dear News channel official Thank you for the apology,however the way the channels has hurt our families and relatives ,this is not sufficient .

    If this apology is not just a formality and it means something....kindly broadcast the same on your channel ,as the same has to go to the viewers also..It will enhence the image of STAR as a reponsible channel. This apology with the special programmes putting forward the voice of oil psu will be a justice delayed if not denied . Damage done is done ....we accept this apology but now onus lies on media and specially the STAR to churn out the bad motives of the decision maker of this country. We and our family are boycotting ZEE NEWS ...this is for your information.

    Dhiraj Gangani

  3. If this is the apology by news channel, then the way of apologizing cannot be accepted. Making a person culprit in media and then apologizing personally to person only is not at all acceptable. If media have any regret then it should apologize the way it has projected, i.e. in media.

    A person from news channel said that it has projected what govt. has told and oil sector personnels cannot be contacted. I say, when media was not knowing the full facts then how, with half informtion, they has given their verdict of PSU officers are at guilt and should suffer.

    In normal occassions a debate between conflicting parties is organised by media in debate sessions, but this time meida does not felt it necessary. I say, ok PSU officers cannot be contacted at the time or immediate after strike, but what happened after few days when every thing got normalized. Media could have contacted them and brought govt. and PSU in debate in front of each other.

    Media is still playing in the hands of government, by apologizing not in front of pulic shows this only. Till now media is playing in hands of these dirty politicians.

    Lets not vote for "Congress" this time.

    I am personally not going to vote for it, and neither my family, which are 6 membered family.

    PSU employees, think about vote bank govt. would be loosing, if we are not going to vote.

    We at BHEL are family of 48000 employees, and in each family we are at least two members.



  4. Yes! Let us not VOTE FOR CONGRESS this TIME. Though we do not see any difference between others and Congress at least them GO for their misdeeds so that they can think what they did wrong!!

  5. Dear Star News walas...
    Dont be so silly..you people are locating Dawood Ibrahims and Company at a drop of your hat but couldnot locate striking officers to get their views..it was surely fishy..it stinks.

  6. It is really amazing to see that "Star" channel is apologizing!!!

    I mean, they are really so innocents and simpletons.... they believe whatever Establishment (GoM, Leaders etc.) is telling them. They don't even need to cross-check the facts (it is probably not needed in our NEWS Channels). These reporters and their Editors don't even know what is even known by school kids about payscales in PSU - that it can never be more than that of President of India.

    These Reporters are again so angel-like that they don't even understand what can hurt someone else.

    WE should be very grateful to them that they are at least offering a token apology in private after beating people with shoes in public. So kind of them !

    So, let us give a big ovation to these media people. After all, they are the fourth estate of Democracy!!! Even if they sometime act like Fifth Column ... at least they are doing in "Public cause".

    I just wish they should know that when a reporter has to take cover behind so called "public good" to defend a piece of news.... then he / she is not a reporter. It is like entering a debate and then taking cover under moral questions so that one can avoid logical discussions.

    A PSU employee


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