Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Issue of Media censorship and OIL strike

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Sent: Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 12:38:22 PM
Subject: Issue of Media censorship and OIL strike

I agree that censorship should not be there. But private news channel came into existence to air free and fair views.This is not the case now.News channel are not fair and balanced in airing their news contents. When the issue of censorship came from Govt. all news channel aired their protest against Govt. at their prime time.Similarly when the Oil sector strike was on no news channel came forward to air and look into the reasons why strike has taken.All channels aired the views of Govt. and no one thought of having an open debate at the prime time to discuss and find the reasons why the strike has taken place. Equal opportunity for an open debate should have been organised.Only DD Lok Sabhha (a Govt channel)aired an hour debate in their programme PUBLIC OPINION raising the concerns of OIL Sector officers.Its a big game to crush the PSUs and then how will poor Janta fulfill its energy needs at a subsidised rates.

When the Govt batton striked the qualified OIL officers all channels were supporting the Govt. stand and now when this batton is striking the media all news channel have united to protest against it.

Please think over in covering freely and fairly in such cases.I am not blaming your news channel. It was ZEE who called us DESHDROHI and Aaj Tak who gave wrong figures about our salary figures.You can have a look at our salary slips and decide. OIL sector officers are highly demotivated and blaming the media in spoiling their struggle of pay revision after 12 years.Please organise an open debate so that the entire nation knows the facts.


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  1. why all of us donot under stand that MEDIA , BEUROCRACY, POLITICS all are same
    BUNCH OF RASCALS, LECHERS AND.......the only mistake we make is we think them very important& technocrats second stuffs
    recall during 90's al most 100000 technocrats went to west for software /IT field but in turns GOBERMENT
    did not realise that just because of them the URGENTLY NEEDED dollar was readily available. here the contry saved by technocrats.
    media is basically an arm of GOBERMENT Which is highly depended on THE AFORE SAID TRIANGLE
    so media at any time is nothing bt speaking mouth of GOBERMENT..
    presnte day print and electronic media are driven my money SO IF GIVING EXPOSURE to non sense stuff like RAKHEE SAWANT PAYS them they will go for it. also most of the reports are REJECTED STUDENT, from the professional colleges their only survival is in rumours&and vulgar , thrilling stuff. how we can imagine them to do good.MY SIMPLE REQUEST TO ALL OF U IS DONOT
    WATCH NEWS CHANNEL unless u all feel necessary are any good news is coming up, simply REJECT
    THE PROGRAMME FULL OF , drama, and nonsense


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