Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Statement by OSOA Representative

To bring clarity to the fellow countrymen
This is with reference to news broadcasted in Zee News & other news channels on Oil Sector Officers Strike on 8th Jan 09. It was shocking & painful to hear the misleading information indicating Oil officers striking officers as desh drohi/white collar terrorists etc. I regret to say that the reputed news channel like Zee news can give version without verification of facts & blame. You must know that:
  • The Oil Sector officers were always amongst the first to contribute anything during the most difficult times of our fellow countrymen. When the violent flood damaged Bihar, we have contributed 57 lacs from our salaries apart from truck loads of foodgrain/clothes/medicines, blankets and human services. We should not remind the contribution of oilmen when Gujarat witnessed the worst earthquake. Apart from Rs.37 Lacs donation, we have rebuilded 50 shelters at Anjar. There are numerous such instances when PSU officers from their salaries contributed for the National Cause.
  • Our fellow officer, Sh. Manjunath has got martyrdom fighting the menace of society, the oil adulteration. Today, a award have even been announced for best performance. So many of our officers have led their lives during the service to the nation. The contribution of Oilmen in running the wheels of the country cannot be counted in a few pages.
  • Our officers are working in far flung area against all the odds of nature and society like Bombay High, Northeast sector and meeting the energy needs of the Country even in Kargil/Leh/Drass sector of Kashmir.
  • The media projection of salaries is totally baseless and misleading. The salaries have been last revised w.e.f.01.01.1997 and were due for revision w.e.f.01.01.07. The salary of the entry level officer before revision is 12000/-(Basic) and 68.8% DA as on 01.01.07 and that of the CMD of the Company is Rs.27750 (Basic) and 68.8% DA. The revision proposed by DPE guidelines issued on 26.11.08 (copy here) shows the entry level at Rs.23000/- PM and CMD of Oil Company (A class company) at Rs. 80000 per month. Then the media projection of salary in the range of 1-3 lacs were misleading and baseless. Even the oil sector PSU’s during their ads for recruitment of officer’s show their gross salary at 5.5-5.6 lacs per annum that includes even the cost of their office chair. ( the ad of IOC for recruitment of officer is here for reference)
  • OSOA has made a chronological list of events in the press release dated 03.01.09 (Copy uploaded in our Official Blog) which clearly depicts the Govt. inaction for demoralizing the officers of most crucial sector of independent India-may be because of some vested interests.
  • The decision to resort to last unprecedented Strike was taken unanimously by the entire officers’ community comprising of 55000 officers and not by any individual and that too after all the channels of persuasions since last two years, for revision of wages, failed.
  • The Govt. has even denied the arrears of allowances like HRA & others related to basic pay for last two years i,e. w.e.f.01.01.07 which was the basic right as they should stand revised w.e.f.01.01.07. The officers annual increment has been reduced from 4% to 3% that too when the PSU’s officers are crippling with multitasking, reduces manpower and poaching by private sector. It must also be noted that Oil PSU Managements have reduced induction of blue collar employees (Workmen category) in the company over the years and their workloads have all been forwarded to Officers, who being the most dedicated, had taken the same on National interests without a murmuring.
  • The salary slip for the month of December’08 for the officer after having put 30 years in the organization and the junior most officer for whom this the first salary is being uploaded online for for understanding the propaganda using false statements to defame the officers.
  • The salaries of PSU officers are being determined by Ministry since ages and the only difference in the salary of PSU officer and those of Govt. servants is those of a few perqs which they get because of their postings and hardships. Showing the salary of a junior most officer of Oil PSU greater than that of Chief justice of India, is extremely unwarranted and baseless. It must also be noted that all the allowances of PSU men are taxed while the same for Govt. servants are not taxed. Even the meritorious and best performace rewards of PSU men are taxed in their hands
  • May I request the media to have a “OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION “in TV Channel on the above subject & call the various concerned officials /dignitaries to have a clear picture to viewers
  • Above are my personnel views written on seeing your programme on 8th Jan 09 & have expressed for rethinking to what has been project to world.

We have seen the most unfortunate times during the strike of OSOA members from 07-01-09 to 09.01.09.

Sunil Agarwal.


  1. I dont understand why government is supporting all types of help in reviving a company like satyam where there is erosion of fianane to the tune of Rs.7000 crore ( arising due to fraud and wrong practices by senior directors)whereas the same govt has taken reverse step towards the demands of Oil PSU officers and it is so when oil psu officers with the help of staff had generated huge reserves for the benefits of the company.It reflects govt's malafide intention towards oil sector companies. God can only help in this issue.

  2. From: jaijawangas SERVICE - refillgas@yahoo.co.in
    Subject: I O C Officers Strike.
    To: proudiocian@yahoo.in
    Date: Wednesday, 14 January, 2009, 1:29 PM

    Dear Sirs, We as IOC LPG distributors take greatest pleasure in making the customer feel like a king and this ideology is the toil and sweat of our Delhi Area Office and DSO. The outright condemnation of the Officers was not justified. Their demands need to be heard and dealt with sympathetically.What ever IOC achieved as the number 1 PSU contains their blood sweat and tears.

    Jaspal Singh Gujral.


  3. If the news channel has any evidence to support the claim made by them on prime TV, then they should come forward and present same immediately in the intrests of justice. If not the channel must air an apology to the Officers to whom grave injustice has been done by such bisaed and distorted programmes. The audience too deserve an apology.


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