Saturday, January 17, 2009

Desecration of the Sacrifice of OIL Men

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  1. Sir, only the first image is clickable, in both the posts: "Desecration of the sacrifice of oil men" and "The PSoU splurges on oil honchos & their families at strategic meetings".

  2. No here I find all the pages are clickable. Anyway you can also click the icon to see and also download the PDF file onscreen

  3. From: Rajiv Bhardwaj rajivrb25@gmail.com
    Subject: Empower India the PSU way
    Date: Wednesday, 14 January, 2009, 7:30 AM

    I visited your blog and understood the hurt and agony you have undergone during this 3 day strike. Earlier I was also of the opinion that the public of India is being taken to ransom. Sure, lot of inconvenience caused but we need to understand the fact. Your blog have helped us to remove the curtains and have apprised of the facts. Is there someone who can ask the politicians (owners of the so called corporate India), when they bycott the parliament proceedings do they know at what cost and damage to the country. When they behave irresponsibly like this have anybody ever terminated from the primary membership of the parliament. Moreso for increasing their salaries (financial benefits) they pass on an act in the parliament and make it a law.what about those who are underpaid in jobs. Is there anybody who can address to their grieviances. Any way we must probe deep in this matter because these politicians are dancing on the orders of corporate joints like Ambani's. Perhaps what I understand is that after putting their best to sell petrol at premium thru their reliance outlets, they were compelled to surrender against the fierce competition by Oil PSU's of India. May be that hurt Ambani's could avenge now by propelling the involved politicians to sell the IOC gaint to them. Probably their role may have sillenced the media with hefty bribebing.Please someone find out if it is a case building to accquire PSU's and become the crowned king. Dear friends from PSU's, Always remember and pray GOD's blessings to be with all of you. These minor jolts one can bear if GOD is on our side. Feel great after all your hardships only Fuel this Great India. Anonymous


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