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Vote for Dr Leo Rebello- North Mumbai Constituency

Vote For India-- Vote for Change-- Vote for Dr Leo Rebello in North Mumbai Constituency.

A clarification for readers, in case they get confused- Simple Clarification
This is an Apolitical Blog but as Indians we cannot sit silent while Crooks keep coming back and rule over us.. and so THIS BLOG VOTES FOR INDIA.

This blog also belongs to Oil Sector and Represents all Public Sector Employees who have been cheated by Mr P Chidambaram, Mr Murli Deora, Mr Santosh Mohan Dev, the Prime Minister himself and the WHOLE CONGRESS PARTY.. So this BLOG DOES NOT VOTE FOR CONGRESS. This Blog has just ONE MOTTO.. Defeat Congress

Therefore we preach:-

1. Vote for India- Vote for Professionals- new faces, people who are honest.. That is first priority!!

2. Vote for change- Vote for BJP wherever you do NOT find 1- Above

Dr. Rebello
Vote for Dr Leo Rebello.

Mera Desh Mahan- MPs ENJOY on PSU money

MPs enjoy FIVE STAR LIFE at the COST OF PSUs.. and PSU officers DIE for them -Specifically one officer of HPCL died taking care of these MPs... while the Poor gets poorer --- Mera Desh Really Mahan!!

..and MIND IT.. it is not JUST CONGRESS-- All Parties are involved even CPI(M) - that great Upholder of the downtrodden!!

From: Bimal Khemani
e.mail: bimal.khemani@ rediffmail. com
To: Right-to-Information-Act-2005@googlegroups.com

Dear Friends,
At the time of 26/11 attack on MUMBAI, few questions arose in my my mind.

1. The CM of Maharashtra spoke to PM Manamohan Singh at about 10.00 p.m. and informed him about the situation and requested him to send NSG to bail out Mumbai in this grave situation of organised terrorist attack. The NSG arrived at Mumbai at about 7.00 a.m. i.e. after 9 hours. From various channels and News papers it appeared that in want of an air craft the NSG could not move out to reach Mumbai, as early as they could.

2. It appeared in some news papers that some of our Parliament Members and some staff of Rajya sabha , who had meeting with Bank of Baroda, Nabard, Air India etc. as the members of the Committee on Subordinate legislation, were there at HOTEL TAJ during the attack.

To clear my doubts, I took help of RTI and am glad to share my doubts and the replies received from the authority

My doubt no. 1. What all these Parliamenterian and Rajya Sabhay Secretariate staff were doing there? Are they entitled to stay in luxurious hotels at the cost of WE THE PEOPLE, So I sent my application to Rajya Sabha Secretariate.

My query and the reply are attached herewith , which are self explanatory. They are not entitled to 5 Star Hotel accomodation.

My doubt no. 2 To the best of my knowledge about 100 Commandos of NSG are always kept ready for any evantuality and can be moved out with in 15 mts. time, Then why a time of 9 hours was required to reach them to MUMBAI. There is a big fleet of Air Crafts especially and exclusive for the use of VVIPs and are always kept prepared. Why those crafts could not be used for the protrection of WE THE COMMON MAN. So I sent another RTI application , attached herewith , which is also self explanatory.

My doubt no. 3, Whether any other air craft of any private airlines may be of domestic or foreign companies , were available from 10.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m on 26/27 Nov. I sent my RTI application to Air Port authority and as per their reply atleast 1 dozen of big aircrafts were available as per records of AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL and forther details are awaited from DIAL.
My dear friends, The information which I share with all is a proof how our politicians treat them selves above the law and also treat WE THE COMMON MAN.They stay at 5 star hotels at our money for which they are not entitled, why they can not stay in various Govt. Accomodations as maintained by state Govt., Public Sector Undertaking etc.

For this emergent situation created by terrorists our government can not put the valuable VVIP air crafts for the service of NATION and ferry our forces to fight against enemies. Our National Disaster Managemenrt group or the Aviation ministry does not dare to requisition the available air crafts for the defence of WE THE COMMON MAN.

Phir bhi hum garv se kahate hai MERA DESH MAHAN.

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Referendum on Black Money


Shri Narendra Modi,
Chief Minister of Gujarat,Block No. 1, 5th Floor,New Sachivalay,Gandhinagar - 382 010
Shri Narendrabhai,
Namaste !!!

With reference to your proposed plan for referendum, I hereby take an opportunity to share my views as under:

  1. I am a strong canvasser and a staunch supporter of the referendum for decision making in a democratic manner in the country that is governed "by the people, of the people, for the people".

  2. Referendum need to be extensively used at local, State and National level for the contemplated administrative / legislative measures concerning the lives of the citizens and the development issues.

  3. In my personal assessment, though a developing nation, we are developed enough to arrange such referendums in a cost-effective manner using electronic means covering all the citizens. Technologies are available to carry out this exercise frequently for different issues of importance / issues having far reaching consequences.

  4. Further, I strongly hold the view that the Constitution of India that came into existence without national referendum is arbitrary, illegal and undemocratic. The amendments to the Constitution of India that followed thereafter also fall in the same category since done without national referendum. This change is long overdue for all-inclusive and not-in-pockets human development by the new Constitution of India that should be common man centric.

With this background, I hereby seek your kind assistance in using your good office for arranging a national referendum on creating a national body that could be termed as National Commission of Removal of Castes and Tribes.

I elaborate the concept as under:

  1. Reservation has been & remains a contagious issue in our country though the expected benefits of the reservation has reached the intended sections of the society, that has been socially & economically less developed, remains a moot question with too much subjectivity involved in the matter.

  2. There have been demands of removing reservation by different segments of the society and there appears need for removing reservation but it has not materialised for want of consensus among the political parties on this aspect and the matter gets lingered / gets politicised and the word reservation has become a maligned word.

  3. That being the case and with a view to create caste-less society in India, I suggest national level data based objective studies on the social / economic development of the Castes that are covered in the list of Scheduled Castes and Tribes that are covered in the list of Scheduled Tribes.

  4. After carrying out the suggested studies with involvement of all the major political parties of India, and periodically continuing it, the Castes and Tribes that have developed well should be removed from their respective lists.

  5. While the completion of the entire process may take a substantial time, once the beginning is made, India should be in a position to abolish the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes altogether and also get rid of the incidental problems related to reservation.

  6. With this in mind, I shall be grateful if you can kindly arrange for a national level referendum on creating the proposed body in larger public interest.

Awaiting considered and studied response at your earliest.
With warm regards,
-- Babubhai Vaghela

(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

The Times of India Ahmedabad 5th April 2009 Front Page
Modi plans referendum on black money
2,000 Mobile Booths At Public Places Soon

TIMES NEWS NETWORK Ahmedabad: This April, Gujaratis will cast their votes twice. A fortnight before they go out to decide who they think should rule the country, people of this state will cast their votes to decide whether black money should be brought back from foreign banks.

BJP plans to hold a referendum on the issue in the second week of April in Gujarat. The party will organise polling at 2,000 booths across the state after creating awareness on the issue. The mobile polling booths would be placed at public places, railway stations, multiplexes, malls etc.

The results would be announced at a suitable date. The referendum would be later held in other parts of the country as well.

“We have been hearing of black money parked in Swiss Banks since our childhood. There is an anger among common people,” Chief Minister Narendra Modi told TOI.

However, he said this was never meant to be an election issue. “Advaniji had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh almost a year ago. But, nothing moved. At an agenda meeting for G20 summit the issue was raised again. It seems something is stopping the government from acting,” he said.

He said various estimates suggest more than Rs 25 lakh crore Indian money is lying in various Swiss banks. “At a time when Swiss banks are ready to reveal secret details to some countries, why should we be left out,” he said.

Modi is also planning an aggressive cyber campaign on the issue. “I want to swamp cyberspace with this issue,” he is learnt to have told a meeting of IT professionals, members of his fan community and people who host his websites to devise new ways to unleash the e-campaign.

Narendra Modi

Vote for Mr. Vikram Bokey, IPS (retd) at PUNE

Vote for INDIA
April 14 2009
PPI announces support to former IPS officer in Pune

PPI is proud to extend full external support to Mr. Vikram Bokey, IPS (retd) in the elections for the Pune Lok Sabha consituency.

Mr. Bokey had a distinguished career with the Indian Police Service (IPS), with a highly successful track record. In a career spanning 20 years, he was responsible for maintaining law and order and preserving peace at various locations. He took stern action against anti-social and criminal elements during various postings, and was especially harsh on bootlegging and gambling. He was in charge of the highly acclaimed "Delta Force", which protected citizens from criminals on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. He is the President of the Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation, which takes up activities for farmers' welfare, including suicide prevention schemes in 1680 villages across Maharashtra.

A professional to the core, Mr. Bokey is progressive-minded and result oriented. At 52, he has the right blend of youth and experience required for representing Pune in the Lok Sabha. Having emerged from our system, he has the right knowledge about it to cleanse it of its evils, and has, indeed, quit it of his own volition, to do just that. His professional background and training enable him to adopt a practical, result-oriented approach to problem-solving, as espoused by PPI.

His agenda includes the following:
Ensuring safety and security of all citizens of Pune
Improving infrastructure - e.g., roads and public transportation
Better Water Supply and Management
Improving Power Supply
Boosting industry and creating jobs
Effective and Efficient utilization of all available Parliamentary resources to benefit Pune and its people Overall, striving to ensure a prosperous, peaceful and happy Pune in 6 months!
I appeal to you to support Mr. Bokey whole-heartedly. Please inform all your friends from Pune to vote for the candidate supported by PPI!

Lets Make It Happen!!!!
General Secretary
Professionals Party Of India

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr Leo Rebello from North Mumbai Constituency

Vote for India NOT crooks and NOT CONGRESS CERTAINLY!!

From: Dr. Leo Rebello Sent: Saturday, 11 April, 2009 5:38:53 PMSubject: Help Dr. Leo Rebello BRP + Candidate from North Mumbai to win
Dear Friends:
Today, 11 April, my birthday was also the scrutiny day
and my nomination was found valid.
I am contesting from North Mumbai.

Please note that I shall NOT withdraw from the fray
because I am NOT standing to make money but to
change the destiny of the nation.

One shout in the mountains starts an avalanche
One matchstick creates an inferno.
One person has always changed the course of history.
I do not understimate the power of One.

The following will give you more details.

Dr. Leo Rebello is contesting Parliament elections from North Mumbai.
He has been put up by Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh (Dr. Ambedkar)
and several other political outfits (of third front), NGOs and young voters
are helping him spontaneously. He is pitted against Ram Naik of BJP-SS
and Sanjay Nirupam of Congress.

Ram Naik is 76 and is a Cancer patient since long. He should have taken
Sanyas as per the Indian tradition. Sanjay Nirupam, Dalbadlu, is an outsider
and Dr. Rebello being a local candidate, highly qualified, articulate, dedicated,
dynamic, well experienced, linguist and totally secular (not pseudo secular,
not communal, not criminal, not corrupt), he is getting enthusiastic support
from voters of North Mumbai.

The brief profile of this constituency is given below and that shows how if
you support this candidate he will walk to success.

North Bombay Parliamentary Constituency consists of:
Malad East, Malad West, including Malvani, the second largest slum pocket
after Dharavi, upto Marve and Manori Village. Kandivali East, including another
big slum area called Damu Nagar, Lokhandwala Complex, and my Samata Nagar,
Thakur Nagar, Thakur Village, Magathane, Kandivali West, Poisar, including the
biggest Industrial belt in Mumbai called Charkop; Borivali including Gorai Village,
infamous for Essel World and now known for the world's biggest Buddhist Pagoda,
Mandpeshwar and Dahisar upto Check Naka (the biggest corruption point -- for octroi evasion).

There are 16 lakh plus voters in this biggest constituency in Mumbai.
The composition is more or less as under :
About 6,00,000 Marathis. That includes about 3,50,000 Dalits.
3,20,000 North Indians -- UPites and Biharis (including Muslims and Dalits)
2,25,000 Christians, including Kolis.
About 3,00,000 Muslims.
Rest Gujaratis and others..

Even if 50% voters get down to vote on 30th April, anyone getting
2.5 lakhs and above will be a winner. And Dr. Leo Rebello will
easily get 3 lakh + votes. That is a challenge. We do not believe
in betting and black money. Otherwise, we would have bet with you
on Dr. Leo Rebello's cent percent success.

Donations are welcome. The donation cheque / DD should be drawn
in the name of Dr. Leo Rebello and couriered to the following
address :

Dr. Leo Rebello,
Candidate, North Bombay Parliamentary Constituency
28/552 Samata Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101.
Tel. 022 - 28872741.
Mobile : 9867885306

With the very best wishes of
Dr. Leo Rebello's students, patients, friends, relatives and well-wishers