Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mera Desh Mahan- MPs ENJOY on PSU money

MPs enjoy FIVE STAR LIFE at the COST OF PSUs.. and PSU officers DIE for them -Specifically one officer of HPCL died taking care of these MPs... while the Poor gets poorer --- Mera Desh Really Mahan!!

..and MIND IT.. it is not JUST CONGRESS-- All Parties are involved even CPI(M) - that great Upholder of the downtrodden!!

From: Bimal Khemani
e.mail: bimal.khemani@ rediffmail. com
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Dear Friends,
At the time of 26/11 attack on MUMBAI, few questions arose in my my mind.

1. The CM of Maharashtra spoke to PM Manamohan Singh at about 10.00 p.m. and informed him about the situation and requested him to send NSG to bail out Mumbai in this grave situation of organised terrorist attack. The NSG arrived at Mumbai at about 7.00 a.m. i.e. after 9 hours. From various channels and News papers it appeared that in want of an air craft the NSG could not move out to reach Mumbai, as early as they could.

2. It appeared in some news papers that some of our Parliament Members and some staff of Rajya sabha , who had meeting with Bank of Baroda, Nabard, Air India etc. as the members of the Committee on Subordinate legislation, were there at HOTEL TAJ during the attack.

To clear my doubts, I took help of RTI and am glad to share my doubts and the replies received from the authority

My doubt no. 1. What all these Parliamenterian and Rajya Sabhay Secretariate staff were doing there? Are they entitled to stay in luxurious hotels at the cost of WE THE PEOPLE, So I sent my application to Rajya Sabha Secretariate.

My query and the reply are attached herewith , which are self explanatory. They are not entitled to 5 Star Hotel accomodation.

My doubt no. 2 To the best of my knowledge about 100 Commandos of NSG are always kept ready for any evantuality and can be moved out with in 15 mts. time, Then why a time of 9 hours was required to reach them to MUMBAI. There is a big fleet of Air Crafts especially and exclusive for the use of VVIPs and are always kept prepared. Why those crafts could not be used for the protrection of WE THE COMMON MAN. So I sent another RTI application , attached herewith , which is also self explanatory.

My doubt no. 3, Whether any other air craft of any private airlines may be of domestic or foreign companies , were available from 10.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m on 26/27 Nov. I sent my RTI application to Air Port authority and as per their reply atleast 1 dozen of big aircrafts were available as per records of AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL and forther details are awaited from DIAL.
My dear friends, The information which I share with all is a proof how our politicians treat them selves above the law and also treat WE THE COMMON MAN.They stay at 5 star hotels at our money for which they are not entitled, why they can not stay in various Govt. Accomodations as maintained by state Govt., Public Sector Undertaking etc.

For this emergent situation created by terrorists our government can not put the valuable VVIP air crafts for the service of NATION and ferry our forces to fight against enemies. Our National Disaster Managemenrt group or the Aviation ministry does not dare to requisition the available air crafts for the defence of WE THE COMMON MAN.

Phir bhi hum garv se kahate hai MERA DESH MAHAN.

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  1. Few questions emerge from this news item,

    Who paid the bill of the Taj Hotel?

    When MP'S were evacuated , why the officer could not be saved?

    Has the vist of committees stopped after this incident , I mean the stay at 5 star hotels/


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