Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vote for Mr. Vikram Bokey, IPS (retd) at PUNE

Vote for INDIA
April 14 2009
PPI announces support to former IPS officer in Pune

PPI is proud to extend full external support to Mr. Vikram Bokey, IPS (retd) in the elections for the Pune Lok Sabha consituency.

Mr. Bokey had a distinguished career with the Indian Police Service (IPS), with a highly successful track record. In a career spanning 20 years, he was responsible for maintaining law and order and preserving peace at various locations. He took stern action against anti-social and criminal elements during various postings, and was especially harsh on bootlegging and gambling. He was in charge of the highly acclaimed "Delta Force", which protected citizens from criminals on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. He is the President of the Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation, which takes up activities for farmers' welfare, including suicide prevention schemes in 1680 villages across Maharashtra.

A professional to the core, Mr. Bokey is progressive-minded and result oriented. At 52, he has the right blend of youth and experience required for representing Pune in the Lok Sabha. Having emerged from our system, he has the right knowledge about it to cleanse it of its evils, and has, indeed, quit it of his own volition, to do just that. His professional background and training enable him to adopt a practical, result-oriented approach to problem-solving, as espoused by PPI.

His agenda includes the following:
Ensuring safety and security of all citizens of Pune
Improving infrastructure - e.g., roads and public transportation
Better Water Supply and Management
Improving Power Supply
Boosting industry and creating jobs
Effective and Efficient utilization of all available Parliamentary resources to benefit Pune and its people Overall, striving to ensure a prosperous, peaceful and happy Pune in 6 months!
I appeal to you to support Mr. Bokey whole-heartedly. Please inform all your friends from Pune to vote for the candidate supported by PPI!

Lets Make It Happen!!!!
General Secretary
Professionals Party Of India

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