Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vote for Dr Leo Rebello- North Mumbai Constituency

Vote For India-- Vote for Change-- Vote for Dr Leo Rebello in North Mumbai Constituency.

A clarification for readers, in case they get confused- Simple Clarification
This is an Apolitical Blog but as Indians we cannot sit silent while Crooks keep coming back and rule over us.. and so THIS BLOG VOTES FOR INDIA.

This blog also belongs to Oil Sector and Represents all Public Sector Employees who have been cheated by Mr P Chidambaram, Mr Murli Deora, Mr Santosh Mohan Dev, the Prime Minister himself and the WHOLE CONGRESS PARTY.. So this BLOG DOES NOT VOTE FOR CONGRESS. This Blog has just ONE MOTTO.. Defeat Congress

Therefore we preach:-

1. Vote for India- Vote for Professionals- new faces, people who are honest.. That is first priority!!

2. Vote for change- Vote for BJP wherever you do NOT find 1- Above

Dr. Rebello
Vote for Dr Leo Rebello.

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