Friday, January 16, 2009


We the officers of Oil PSUs faithfully and loyally served this great nation for decades. Our sweat & strive of ages has fuelled the economic growth of this great nation.

We toiled unseen in deserts, mountains, high seas & war zones, manning hard locations from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, in war or peace, in storm or calm, in rain and draught and in prosperity or adversity.

We stood steadfast in major calamities, tsunamis, earthquakes and wars and terror attacks. We, engineers, MBAs, CAs and professionals from the best of institutes of India, did not hesitate to withstand hardships with soldiers in Leh & Ladakh. When duty called, we stood in the middle of war zones hand in hand with our brave soldiers, ensuring them fuel, for we made a commitment to this great nation long before any of the so-called private players even dreamt of entering the arena.
We were compared to the armed forces and yes indeed many of us undergo equal hardships. When the world came to a standstill, we still moved, sometimes at the cost of our very lives, trusting that our interests would be guarded by the Govt that we served.

We have dedicated our lives to our organizations and do not believe in job-hopping. Our companies are not just commercial enterprises but they are families that care for, love and nurture one-another and from them stems the spirit of true service to our nation.

We did not seek to wear Armani or Prada or look to sport Gucci or Versace. We did not aspire to travel in Mercs or Bentleys. We only asked for a semblance of a just remuneration due to us as hardworking and responsible officers of the so-called Premier Fortune 500 Navratna Enterprises of this Country

We went on strike but after months and years of patient waiting. We placed out trust in the Custodians of our nation but were let down time and again. We were rebuffed and short-changed and yet we persevered. We were driven against a stone wall and left with no recourse. We went on Strike, but responsibly. We gave ample time to the powers that be.

We thought we were reasoning with just authorities, sympathetic to our just cause, as had been for ages.

But Alas….

We were stunned at this new hostility and shocked at its severity.

We were censored, suppressed and bullied with pre-meditated ruthlessness. We were forced to surrender without a trace of acknowledgement and with cruelty & callousness. A terrifying agenda seems to emerge in all its gory starkness and we are bewildered.

Each single one of us is perplexed and weeping and we do not know where to take our pain and hurt, where to turn for assurance. We are stripped of our cocoon of peace and security that is so vital to our mode of single-minded purpose of service.

Sentenced as terrorists, blackmailers and treated as mercenary upstarts by a self-serving media, we do not know who is our benefactor, our patron any more. We wonder how to regain our dignity in the Nation’s eyes. With wounded pride we appealed to the people of this great nation to look at us again, this time with a little measure of empathy and understanding and to look at our side of the story.

On 09.01.2009, every Officer of this noble community wept tears of blood and sorrow on the humiliation and disgrace heaped on us, on the killing of our hopes and aspirations with brutal force. And we turned to each other.

This time round we have empowered ourselves ……… united and resolved to be survivors …..and to save our beloved PSUs from death. We will endure and endeavor to be winners in our battle for truth and justice.

We never forsook our duties and never will. We have and always will be standing in self-less service to the people of this country but ask only to be allowed to do so with our pride and dignity intact.

We are confident that our solidarity, integrity and single-mindedness of purpose will carry us through these testing times.

“Only Free Men Can Negotiate. Prisoners Cannot Enter Into Contract” - Nelson Mandela

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