Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Letter to Editors of Media

From: Wakeup India [mailto:jagohbharat@gmail.com]
Sent: 11/01/2009 10:17 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor - Oilmen strike: True Facts

To the Editor:

Through your esteemed daily we would like to bring to your notice the true statement of facts as regards the “Oilmen strike” from 07.01.09 to 09.01.09. At the outset through your media we would like to inform the citizens of our country that we are sorry for the inconvenience and pain caused to you for having to pass through the ordeal for 3 consecutive days and would at the same time request you to give a patient hearing to our grievances and sufferings before coming to any opinion or conclusion about us.
About us
· We are located across the length and breadth of our country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from the far east to the Arabian sea. We are committed to serving our fellow countrymen (“Aam janta” of which we also are a part) 24x7.
· From the high mountains to the deep sea and from the arid deserts to the deep jungles, we are there to make life a bit better for you. From Leh to deep inside Arabian Sea (Bombay High or Vadinar located in Kutch district of Gujarat) and from the deserts of Rajasthan as far as Jaisalmer and deep forests viz in the North-East etc, we are working day and night to ensure that the drop of oil and gas reaches you at your doorstep or your vehicle or lits up your life. There is no time to relax or stand for a while. After all it is our duty and we love doing it.
· Such places are so far flung off (please refer enclosed map) that basic amenities like schooling and medical facilities are also not available. Officers have to leave their families away in bigger towns and spend the most part of their life in exile away from their homes and families doing their duty which they take pride of. Unfortunately, very few get the opportunities to work sitting in air conditioned rooms in big cities.
· Apart from the hazards as described above, officers work in hostile environment without any fear from nature or man made elements. Please recall the terrible cyclone, earthquake that hit Gujarat, Tsunami that or the recent floods or for that matter the constant wars with our neighbors, the flow of energy to maintain the vigour and courage or for that matter to cope with nature’s fury has been achieved thro’ constant commitment, dedication and sincerity of our officers so called as DeshDrohis. People have very short memories and thus have forgotten the invaluable contribution of late Shri Manjunath, one of our most outstanding, brilliant and honest officer who had to pay the supreme price to exercise the virtues and values of life. Still the media paint us black as “DeshDrohi” and compare with the terrorists.
· At the cost of our revenue losses we have been selling fuels at very low prices just to see the smile on our fellow brethren. Where were the Private sectors then?
· And at what cost? We have been told to receive an amount of Rs.70,000 to Rs.1,00,00 p.m. but has anybody bothered to verify the facts? (Please refer copy of attached payslip of an “over-payed” and “over-pampered” officer)
· Has anybody bothered to find out what were our demands? Just browse thro’ the following lines and you will sure find your answer.

1) Our (Oil PSU Management Staff) salary was last revised in January 1999 which was due from 01.01.1997 that to after one day strike by us. There also government did not accept our genuine demand of revision after every 5 years and we have to agree on 10 years revision.

2) Now when salary was due for revision wef 01.01.2007, government didn't pay attention to our genuine basic right of salary revision and kept on prolonging the matter till now. Let me remind today it is 10.01.2009 and we are yet to get any solution.

3) Then Government appointed Justice Rao committee to look into salary revision and our genuine demands. They have given their suggestion and after that in Nov 2008, Government revised our salary structure but the increase was very minimal and many of our demands were overlook.

Through your voice which is the voice of the “Aam Janta” we would request your good office to bring out the true facts in front of the people of our country.

Satyameva Jayate.


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