Thursday, January 15, 2009

One more Mail to Zee - one among many


Dear friend,
I'm a chartered accountant working with a PSU oil company for the past eleven years. I'm very happy to learn from you that you have awarded a steep increase in my salary. My basis salary is still less than Rs.20,000/-. So where these lakhs have gone? People are asking because they believe you, not me. And there you failed in your duty to the nation. When people believe you, you should not have used your media for abuse and misrepresentation.

You know, there are many things that carries more value than money. I love this Company, and further I'm serving this country by serving in this Company. That carries a lot of weight against your lakhs, dear friend....

When you are using your powerful medium to put dirt on somebody' s face, please give them a chance, atleast once, to speak. Otherwise what is the difference between media in democrazy and media under Military rule.You must be very busy, hunting for another hot topic. But we, the 55000 'Deshdrohi' PSU Oil officers deserve an apology. It may not clean fully the dirt put on our faces, but it will be a healthy sign for this nation.

One 'Deshdrohi Oil Officer'

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