Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who cares for Oil !!

From: "Vikrant Kumar" vikrant0107@gmail.com
To: editor@expressindia.com

Dear Sir,
Hurt and Anguish of Oil Sector Workmen has been ignored by your publications, without verifying the underlying facts and portraying these soldiers of nation in bad light. As media houses sabotaged salary figures and sidelined two and a half year peaceful struggle by Oil Men, sadly not one explored the reasons for taking the drastic step. Sir, Even an ant will bite back when pushed to the limits. Your fraternity was prompt to respond to Govt. Control on your working, however genuine demands of OilMen working in far corners and remote locations for your safety, security and comfort were never contacted to explain their stand. I will not give you any salary figures or perks or facilities as they fall in public domain and can be verified from any source. However I would you to see the pain in our eyes who have been denied any increments for years due to flawed pay scales policies. How does it feel to work on pay scales effective from 1997. how does it feel to actually see reducing increments from 4 % to 3%. How does it feel to be duped since 2006 to be promised one committee after another and withdrawl of strike notices on one promise after another. 6th Pay Commission for Govt . Employees was implemented with increased benefits, while Rao Committe recommendations for PSUs rejected and sent to trash. All the studies by eminent judges and presentations by various forums dumped in one go by Committe of Secretaries without discussing with persons affected. All this a pain in the heart of not being able to place our grievances.

Sir, your publication have protected and presented attack on communities (minorities etc.). Taken up national debate. But when it came to Community of Oil Men who were brutally sabotaged of their reputation on unverified facts and doctored accounts, Where was any one of you. When a feeling of hate was being promulgated against educated, hardworking, socially responsible and highly patriotic community was promulgated by media. Where were you?

We dont demand an enquiry, nor we seek your sympathy. We understand our toil and hardwork doesn't attract front page headlines, But then we can at least demand a fair treatment by giving us the chance. We dont intend to come forward and explain. We want YOU to go deep in to the whole issue that ails oil sector employees. and Please compare apple with an apple. Don't compare us with Army (We maintained supplies even when strike was on !). Compare us with hazarodous industries and offshore companies. Refineries, Pipelines and Netwrok of Distribution. We don't compare legislative with judiciary or Media with IT Companies. All are important and need each other in a civilization to survive. Dont cite troubled times. Had the pay revision taken place from 1st January 2007. No News would have been generated.

Don't cite terrorists attack, Our own people have perished in such attacks from Mumbai to Guwahati. Our people have worked in militant infested Areas and maintained supplies to Kargil amidst enemy firing. Our supplies to defence forces never cease and we guard our strategic supplies more than we guard our homes.Our citizens died fighting a terrorist attack. Now don't kill our Oil Sector with economic attack and Don't Kill our people with attack on their prestige.

Don't cite AC Rooms. Executive functions happen from offices in cities and towns, but the oil is extracted and refined and transported in the toughest of climatic and demographic conditions.

Don't cite Pvt. Players. Find out why nationalised oil companies were formed after China War. Find out why Pvt. Players closed their shops during $100+ crude oil prices. Find Out Why it is becoming difficult for Pvt. Players to maintain refining due to fall in crude prices. Find Out Why Pvt. Players want PSUs to wither so that Oil (Black Gold) can be traded on their whims and fancies. Find out why poaching on PSU talent has done to these PSUs. Find out how many pvt. players have people from Public Sectors among all ranks.FInd out working hours of Ovt and PSU Oil Employees. Find out how Pvt. companies save tax and PSUs give dividends to Givt. Find out subsidy burden shared by PSU Oil Companies and Pvt. Players. FInd OUt Find Out Find Out. Come explore outside YOUR AC rooms. Give Justice a chance. Give Right Journalism a chance.

Ek Sach ko dikhana hai Mushkil magar, Kya Karen Jhoot ka daaman chhoodana padega.
Desh ke In mandiron ko bachana hai agar, Inke sipahiyon ka saath nibhana padega.

Jai Hind

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