Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ineffective CVC

Whistleblower ACT has lost its meaning.. and corrupt people continue to roost and control our lives.. A daring few who gather facts and complaint to Authorities against Corruption are NOT at all protected but rather Persecuted! These daring few are trying to make our .. yesss! your and my life better..... but what do we do? We sleep..

The document below is from DAINIK Jagran 17/6/09 issue at this link

It is in Hindi so for non Hindi Readers.. the gist is :-

Govt of india appointed the CVC as a nodal agency for acting upon the complaints of corruption against high level officers in public sector undertakings. The whistle blower resolution was also approved for this purpose only . For CVC the the contact officers were CVO's in respective organisations i.e PSU's , CVO' were supposed to act upon the complaints within a month's time and confirm compliance to CVC , which neither respective CVO's did nor the concerned Ministry's did ( Ministries also have their own CVO' s} . In the process complainants got victimised and harrased buy respective managements. Now CVC is being severly criticised for their inaction , and in turn Govt is being criticised for having a toothless body like CVC, after criticism , CVC has woken up and asked all CVO's to submit replies for pending cases in their organisation immediately.

Dainik Jagran News of 17.6.09 in Hindi on Whistleblowing

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