Thursday, November 24, 2011


Press Note

Gujarat High Court issues notice in ONGC Scam
In a Public Interest Litigation Writ Petition Filed by Two senior officers of ONGC, Mr. K.C.Harikumar and Mr. Anil Dhavan the High Court issued notice today to ONGC, Government, Central Vigilance Commission etc.
The petitioners say that Shri R.S.Sharma, the then CMD of ONGC and Shri Sudhir Vasudeva the then Director (Offshore), Mumbai and now CMD of ONGC, with the help of other Directors and senior Officers had helped ONGC Mahila Samithi headed by Smt. Rashmi Sharma wife of Shri R.S.Sharma, in collecting huge sum of Money – to the tune of Rs.3.257 crores- as donation from 49 Multinational Contractors including SCHLUMBERGER, Reliance Industries etc. who had contract work in ONGC Offshore in Mumbai. The donations were collected in the name of charity. Acceptance of such donation being in contravention to the Rules of the Corporation and Anti corruption Law etc. the petitioners sought information through RTI and after getting solid information, they made complaints under the Whistle Blower Policy to the ONGC, CVC and to the Government but the authorities did not act on such complaint as required under various Acts/Rules. In the complaint to CVC, the petitioners had given details of corruption in ONGC : Leading face of Management-Contractor nexus and inner cancer of “Science Faking”. Petitioners also furnished details of benefit that the Contractors extracted from ONGC after such donations.
It is also alleged in the petition that under the Chairmanship of Shri R.S.Sharma, ONGC adopted ONGC Mahila Samithi headed by his wife, as a partner in the Composite Social Responsibility and diverted huge funds under guise of social work, in the year 2010-2011 an amount of Rs.4, 11,53,667.00 was given as grant, and that such allocation of fund led to misuse and misappropriation etc. It is urged in the petition that in the larger interest of the organization and the nation, a thorough investigation is required to be ordered. After hearing the Hon. High Court was pleased to issue notice returnable after three weeks.
Shri Mukul Sinha along with Shri K.G.Pillai appeared for the petitioners.

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