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By Ravi Srivastava

"Responsibility & Accountability of Babus and PSU officials has become a big joke and the demand to include
entire bureaucracy under Jan Lok Pal is the only panacea to curb corruption.The law should enforce realization
among Babus that they are no more “Masters” but “Public Servant” in the letter & spirit."

Government, opposition Parties, spared no effort to malign the Team Anna member kiran bedi quoting the
instances of her claiming Business class fare from her sponsors and travelled “Cattle class” saved differential
money for the good of her NGO, In the process entire Team Anna was painted by one stroke of brush as corrupt
and reminded of famous Jesus phrase “First stone will be hit by the one who did no sin”.

Corruption amongst Babus is a global phenomenon a recent report has established that Indian Babus rank worst
in the entire Asia with the best being from Singapore .Indian Babus namely Ministry officials at centre and state,
Public sector Executives have devised novel methods to suck the Government’s money by their clandestine nexus
with Politicians .The charges of bribery, undisclosed wealth, family Business have become common and highlighted
occasionally by media which range from Rs. 10 cr from a peon in MP to Rs. 400 cr from Tinu& Arvind joshi of Bhopal fame.

In Bureaucracy all positions are not rewarding only a handful of Babus get opportunity to mint money in powerful positions ,by using , misusing and abusing their Authority in connivance with ever corrupt Politicians. An Income tax officer or a District magistrate who is a Maharaja in a small town when promoted and moves to Ministry with all channels and avenues of making money dried up, feels frustrated and looks for new vistas.

Ministry officials treat the Public sector corporations, Banks and other Institutions as their fiefdom and spare no effort to extract their pound of flesh. Travel is one such avenue which is fully exploited. Ministry Babus organize such travel frequently in the name of attending conferences, seminar , Reviews, Inspection , Discussions on Rajya/Lok sabha starred/Unstarred questions etc etc., sometimes junior Babus or PSE Executives are allowed to accompany the “Boss” for the purpose of “collective Insurance” and facilitating logistics at the destination .This is also used to counter any future objections from the Auditors. Such travel Plans coincide with the ‘Boss’ attending some Marriage ceremony, Personal function, event, Alumni get together or specific shopping for spouses at the destined location . One oil company claiming “surety for pure fuel” recently organized such “Business Meeting” at Goa with 40 Executives assembled for 3 days , bidding a fond farewell to their superannuating Director Human Resources. The same company sponsored a Ticket of “world cup Match “ in Mumbai for then secretary Petroleum in the first week of April 2011 for Rs. 30000. ,who had made a special Business trip for this purpose, eventually this secretary was shunted on 30th April2011 itself to a Non descript assignment. Earlier this secretary had enjoyed a 2 day stay in a 5 star Hotel of Mumbai on Marine Drive with his spouse in the 3rd week of Jan 2010 on account of another oil company which uses a slogan ”Achhaa lagta hai” for everything including corruption, the purpose was some function in the Refinery of this oil company.

By and Large every Airline Domestic and International award Mileage points to their frequent fliers, multiple mileage points are awarded for Business class travel which is a favorite for PSU heads, Ministry Babus, who despite clear cut directives from their controlling Ministries DOPT/DPE flout it openly, for the lure/greed of higher mileage points. Logically /Principally Mileage points such accrued are the Property of the Govt. or the corporation who has paid for the Ticket and cannot be usurped by these officers. Guidelines issued by 6th Pay commission are unambiguous in this regard and reads as under

" The Commission has also observed that there is an increasing tendency on part of Government officers to travel by air in order to gain mileage points which are then used by them for private travel. The Commission is strongly of the view that official tours cannot be made a source of any profit.

Accordingly, the Commission recommends that henceforth all mileage points earned by Government employees on tickets purchased for official travel should be utilized by the concerned department for other official travel by their respective officers. Any usage of these mileage points for purposes of private travel by an officer should be viewed seriously and appropriate departmental action initiated. "

As per rules any Govt. official cannot accept a gift of more than Rs. 2500. As stated above such mileage points have to be redeemed for official travel by the Govt. or the Corporation .Such mileage points are unethically accrued in Lakhs on such Managed tours by the Babus , since he himself travels on Govt. account while in active service, these points are exchanged/redeemed for tickets of their spouse and children on such journey or sometimes for accompanying them on foreign Travel.

Post retirement only some privileged Babus who have been on the right side of the Government get deputations in the ‘Parking slots’ like Committees, Boards, Tribunals, and continue to enjoy these perquisites, however many unfortunate ones who become sundry and turn critic of corruption, bribery, frauds (which they practiced in their entire carrier), post retirement ,utilize such accumulated Mileage points for their personal Travel.

Some Airlines like Jet/Kingfisher give such points liberally to their preferred corporate clients. Till recently beleaguered KFA used to merrily Upgrade all HPCL ED’s, GM’s to Business class and extend the lounge access, in a quid-pro-quo KFA used to get ATF(Aviation Turbine Fuel)on extended credit. This corporate fraud went unabatedly till HPCL‘s outstanding touched more than Rs. 750 cr, which is still not fully recovered. One Director of HPCL purchased one way Bombay-Delhi Ticket from KFA on company Account in last week of March 2010 for Rs. 33000/-(one can make 6 trips even today in this price) that too when Government’s Austerity measures were in vogue.

Practically each oil company , Nationalized bank, Maharatna/NavratnaPSU has 1 or more Guest houses in all Metro & ,Major cities, the justification and purpose given at the time of acquiring such properties is that it will save cost to the corporation/Bank for stay of their officials visiting the city while on official work ,Most of these guest houses are given on a platter to visiting Ministry officials and their families, Income tax ,Explosive officers, Auditors less as an exception and more as a rule. Double whammy is that visiting officials stay in star Hotels making holes in Company finances and company pays rent to property owner .Since External & Govt. auditors are kept in “good Humor”” all the time nobody raises a finger on this brazen loot of Public Money. Recently an oil company chairman blocked entire ‘Management Development Institute’ in Pune having more than 50 Rooms for entire fortnight in Oct 2010 for accommodating his large contingent of relatives visiting from ‘Assom’ for Durga pooja .This is blatant misuse of Authority by those who are custodians of Public Money.

Responsibility & Accountability of Babus and PSU officials has become a big joke and the demand to include entire bureaucracy under Jan Lok Pal is the only panacea to curb corruption.The law should enforce realization among Babus that they are no more “Masters” but “Public Servant” in the letter & spirit.

Ravi Srivastava

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I R.P.SRIVASTAVA, 56 year old ,male Graduated in Science and Chemical Technology in the year 1975, after an stint of 1 year at Eicher Tractors and 6 years in Kansai Nerolac(erstwhile Goodlass Nerolac), I joined HPCL in 1982 as an Operations Officer in Grade ‘A’.

"I am a crusader against corruption , corruption which destroyed my life exposed Rs. 200 cr. corruption in Petroleum industry Marker system invited the wrath of Murli Deora his sychphant beaurocrats , chairman of the company who promptly dismissed me from service to appease their boss"

Please Read " Tale of Two Whistleblower of HPCL to know more.....

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