Sunday, January 18, 2009

Change - It Cannot happen isolatedly

Change my dear friends cannot happen in an isolated manner. We cannot expect the Media to listen to us or the Babus to be sympathetic to us or the 'Aam Admi' to worry about whether we have got our hikes. We live in a society with its ample problems. Every aspect of our Indian Society has problems of its own. If we continue to think that we can close our eyes to what is happenning around us and live, let alone get our rightful demands met, then my dear friends we are living in a fool's paradise. All that you are saying is wrong with the Oil Sector- be it from a nexus between Pvt Players and Govt, be it disinterested Elected Members of India, be it draconian laws that prevent you from your right to strike when your reasonable demands are not being listened to, it all boils down to the one single fact- we do not have the right people at the right places! . Would you not like to change this all?? I ask this specially of the youngsters who are here, the Youth out there who are the majority today- massive 70% below 35 yrs age, you should know your power. So please think!

So when there are other groups out there fighting in each of their areas to make these things right, let us all Join Hands and build a common group of Indisns who care-- OilMen; too, who care, about everything. After all that happens to us is a manifestation of all the wrongs against us. I give one small example to you. Supposing the Country was rich and the so called "Aam janta" was not so Aam do you think they would have grudged you your salary hikes today? It is JUST because they are burdened with so much day to day problems that one more heaped upon them by our strike caused such a hue and cry.

I therefore post a mail from one gentleman who is fighting for a campaign to reform the JUDICIARY. Let us start our journey of connecting with the world first by outting our names to the online petition of his group. Once you join hands with others then only you can expect others to join you. Rather then asking them to listen first listen to theirs.


From: Ravindran Major
To: Shantanu Das
Sent: Wednesday, 14 January, 2009 6:21:48 AM

Dear Mr Das

I have nothing against you or your friends. Whatever comments you had made had been responded to and there ends the matter. This is a country where even MPs have asked in Parliament what the armed forces do in peace time. Ignorance can't always be bliss.

Even before going through your website I can see that it pertains to the oil sector only. I am NO expert in this field. But I am sure that it doesn't need any expertise to smell injustice whenever and wherever there is one. I have no doubts that in the oil sector too there will be plenty of cases of exploitation of the many by a handful.

In fact if you look at the national scenario nobody with common sense can miss the fact that only ONE family had got freedom on 15 Aug 1947. It continues to be so even today. Some people who have the money and can manipulate the system also have a certain degree of freedom compared to the masses. For the masses themselves nothing has changed.

There is no point wasting our efforts in localised issues. We need big changes. We need the people whom, technicaly at least, we have put in offices of authority to manage the comon resources for the common good and reducing disparities, to be accountable to us. In this matter the courts are the worst. Even a bill- the judges inquiry bill, a shadow of the actual requirement- is not getting cleared because we have filled our law making bodies with criminals who are at the mercy of the judges and would dare not support any legislation to bring transparency in the affairs of the courts. The police and the judiciary are two set ups we have created for citizens to approach for getting justice. But as per Transparency International surveys the police is the most corrupt and the judiciary the second most corrupt institution in our country! So where do we go?

To my mind atleast there seems to be no legally effective course of action open to us. Anyhow, I am persisiting on a campaign for reforming the judiciary first by having national judicial commission to try and punish judges as per laws applicable to ordinary citizens. An online petition, addressed to the President and PM of India, is available at

I request you to support it and also motivate your friends to support it.

Regards and best wishes


Please all go to the link and sign the petition like responsible, thinking Citizens of India remembering that we are Indisns first and Oilmen later.

Also somebody had requested me to start an online petition for reinstatement of sacked employees. Let me see if we too can do something like this.

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