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January 18, 2009

Shri Raghav Sharan Pandey

Secretary to the Government of India

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas,

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi –110001
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Dear Sir,

1. You seemed to epitomise the patriotic fervour when you echoed the sentiments of the Nation by calling the striking oilmen as traitors. It was possibly for the first time someone showed the courage to call ‘a spade a spade’. What I did not like is your taking shelter under fudged salary figures to justify your remarks. However, if you add the cost of perks and hidden benefits enjoyed by OIL PSU officers then salary figures might inch towards the figures quoted by you and ZEE TV. At times it appeared that you and ZEE TV were acting in tandem.

2. I am coming across hundreds of mails from agitated officers of oil companies who feel hurt because of your calling them traitors. But in a way they deserved it.

3. I wish you show similar courage in calling ‘a spade a spade’ when it comes to people like Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mr. Mulayam Singh, Ms. Mayawati, Mr. Sharad Pawar, Mr. Murli Deora etc. You know the salaries of a few of them run into hundreds of Crores, if you add those hidden incomes on the same formulae. I wonder whether we should call them traitors when they boycott (strike work) Parliament. I think we should. But I have no guts. You have. So call them traitors when they strike work next. Tell ZEE TV also to do the same. You two can work beautifully in tandem.

4. I have read in some news magazines that IAS officers get up to 10 Crores in dowry. Though we have Anti-Dowry laws but these are not applicable to the IAS fraternity. Some people (may be mad caps) have re-christened IAS as Indian Avtar Service. Likewise IAS learn less of Administration in .…. Mussoorie but learn more about the tricks of moneymaking. I am not speaking of your times, but the modern era.

5. I am from Rajasthan. Once upon a time Barmer and Jaisalmer districts were dreaded postings as District Collector. Not these days. I understand a District Collector makes tens of crores from the smugglers in these two districts. Now these are considered prized postings. You know making hay while the sun shines. But I tell you these oil company officers may call such District Magistrates as Traitors. But you need not worry the Media is not going to give credence to their views.

6. This reminds me of one of your own departments ‘Anti-Adulteration Cell’. All the top bosses viz. from Director General to Regional Directors came from IAS. One of them Mr. Sandeep Garg was caught with Rs.3.0 Crores. CBI filed a DA case against him. I tell you this CBI also acts like a traitor. The whole department had to be scraped. While Mr. Garg was actually serving the nation, these traitors (oilmen) lost one of them by the name Mr. Manjunath fighting against Adulteration Mafia. What a fool Manjunath proved to be. If he had accepted bribes like Mr. Sandeep Garg, he could have kept the money as well as the job. What do you think; we should call these oilmen, traitors or fools. May be both.

7. In 1994, in Kota Kerosene Tragedy, about 30-35 people died. One Mr. Devi Dayal, I think from Indian Avtar Service came to liase with the State Government. Being a busy man Mr. Devi Dayal was on dawn-to-dusk visit to Jaipur. His wife duly accompanied him on such a serious and short trip. Two rooms were booked in Hotel Ram Bagh Palace. You know circuit house are below standard. And we have these traitors always eager to pay for National Heroes form IAS. I was posted at Jaipur then. One Mr. V. V. Jain from Delhi escorted Mr. Dayal. Mr. Jain was a senior traitor then but came separately in a pilot car. A few small traitors were running helter-skelter on NH 8 for the whole day to look after small needs of the AVTAR like ….you know to make his journey smooth and SULABH. The hotel, travel, and snacks bill ran in excess of tens of thousand for a few hours stay. Mr. Dayal could not wait for Mr. Bhairo Singh Shekhawat, the then CM who was to return from Kota in the evening and Mr. Dayal left for Delhi avoiding Bhairo Baba, but meeting a few patriots like him. May be in the estimation of Mr. Dayal Bhairo Baba could also be a traitor. But the oil company fellows certainly proved themselves to be fools by paying thousands of rupees on Mr. Dayal who did not deserve a penny.

8. Likewise one of your lady officers went to Shirdi on a pilgrimage. These fools-cum-traitors put her in a five star hotel gave taxi an escort traitor to take her to Shirdi and back. These fools thought that she was on pilgrimage, but actually she was on pricing mission. Your officers enjoy the luxuries provided by these fools-cum-traitors. If I write about all, it would be an endless saga.

9. You know this ZEE TV forgot about Masur Dal Scam and Bofors, and Coffin gate and one Late ….Mr. S….K…Bha....again from Indian Avtar Service. Such a great national hero’s name was unnecessarily dragged with the then PM etc. This reminds me of the story … but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone. (Pdf file enclosed) Kindly search your own heart, are you or your brother officers, also traitors? Are you not helping your political masters, who are/could be traitors? The fact remains that there are traitors on both sides. TRAITOR, TRAITOR, EVERYWHERE, NOR ANY PATRIOT TO SEE. Question is who is bigger traitor. You proved to be a smart traitor and oilmen turned out to be fools-cum-traitors.

10. If the oilmen are really hurt, I call upon them to stop all kinds of appeasements to Indian Avtar Service, and the Parliamentary Committees. Let all adulteration and black marketing stop. After all it is the money from oil industry that fuels the Patriots to call oilmen as traitors. Mr. Pandey you too were equally responsible for the strike as every single officer from oil industry. When upset, it is easier to pick up a stone, then to lay one down. The One who had the right to cast a stone in judgment refused and offered Himself up on a cross instead. Mr. Pandey, you should have opted for the cross rather than throwing stones. It now calls for reinstatement of dismissed officers gracefully, settlement of their grievances, removing wage anomalies and public apology for unnecessarily calling them traitors. My sincere apologies for being harsh on the entire IAS fraternity, many of whom are honest to the core and personal friends too.

With regards,

Mahendra Gaur

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  1. Dear Sir
    Kindly accept our Best wishes & sincere thanks for the Gutsy piece of writing that you have dared to so challengingly written without hiding your complete details & identity, this almost symbolises the suppressed anguish that is still lighting up the Soul of each True Oil man....Its rare that people & intellectuals like your goodself comeout in the open to lend support to a cause you believe has been maliciously suppressed both by the Powers that be & the non-existant fourth pillar of Democracy-Journalism in a country like our's... Hope it instills some confidence in our Youth that we are not all that wrong in criticising others when it deserves criticism....Best Reagrds.."Deshdrohi"


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