Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The GOI & Ministry (PNG) staged reel drama in retrospect of the Oil Strike comes as a big eye opener to me. In retrospect, did anyone wonder about the sacking of the Jet Airways Air hostess? Surely those young girls were in the dark, but tear eyed on media front pages, they beat up the sentiments of all the fools & patriots of our country, including me. And overnight they were reinstated by their CMD Goyal, stating he could not sleep that night. I was surprised by the suddenness of this reversal of his decision. Too good to be true. Surely now you can smell the rat, in hindsight, looking at how adept these master sinners of our Ministry are. These master plotters & our minister “Uncle Reliance” came out as the winner of this game. The first win: In the eye of the people, he became the Conscious driven & Magnanimous guy!!!

Now this was stated as something necessary, coz of economic meltdown. What a wall? Now who can deny that? Mind you, this happened even before the real impact of meltdown was to be addressed by the world. Forget about some minuscule private Airlines operating from Mumbai coming in way of Global Meltdown in a matter of hours. A conspiracy that in all probability was hatched by none other than the chief sinner in our Ministry (PNG), so he could make massive payouts as soft loans from loss making Oil Companies to the Private Airliners. The second win for our Minister “Uncle Reliance”.

Surely without this staged drama, he could not fuel the rich & the famous. Even today the common man’s & suicidal farmer’s diesel or fuel price has not been addressed, but the Aviation Turbine Fuel cost was slashed many times over. Aha!! The rich & the famous needed to be bailed out in India first, much much before the farmer (who suicides) or the back broken common man. How else can money change hands, & trickle into the party funds? Aha now that is Uncle Reliance’s third win, the money changing hands.

Surely if the common mans fuel price was to be cut, no kickbacks & party funds to be realized. His memory is short, so it has to be timed just before the elections for votes.

True we Oilmen along with our fellow Indians are nothing but Fools & Traitors, hopelessly believing in the reel stories of the Govt & media.

Anyhow, Oilmen, where do we stand today? Are we ready for another Fight, with this traitocrats of India? As for me, I have lost all faith in this Govt after being conned to think Congress was for Aam Admee, a voice for the minorities, a friend of the poor & the down trodden. Poor me. God save this country from those who make heroes out of Azharruddins & Traitors out of us. Guess we need to think seriously of taking flight outwards, though that’s something they would really want!! Surely even as a second or third rated citizen, with our education & experience, we could still have sanity & self respect, don’t you think!!! Maybe we need to then call ourselves proudCanadian or proudAustralian & so forth.

Contributed by an Oil Officer

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