Wednesday, January 28, 2009


President of hpcl Officers Association Shri.Ashok Singh, was Convener of Oil Sector Officer’s Association (OSOA) also since 1997. Oil Sector had successful salary revision during the BJP regime after an 8 hours strike on 11th Jan. 2000, Later he could stop Privatisation of HPCL/BPCL by a judgement from Hon’ble Supreme Court in Sept. 2003.

Political leadership of MOP& NG and beaurocrat’s were scared of this formidable leader in the oil sector and specially at this crucial juncture while salary revision is due and Parliament Elections are around the corner 3 unsuccessful attempts of strike on 30th May 2006, 5th Sept. 2006 and 21st August 2007, emboldened the beaurcrats that neutralizing the leaders by punitive Administrative measures will break the OSOA, and Govt. can get away by offering peanuts to PSU oil officers.

The sinister design came into play from May 2008, while HPCL officer’s opposing the arbitrary appointment of an Ex HPCL officers as a CEO of HPC’s JV with Colas SA. France (HINCOL), went on a flash strike.HPCL Management under instruction from Shastri Bhavan (MOP & NG) promptly issued charge sheets to Shri.Ashok Singh and r.P.Srivastava for instigating the officer to proceed on flash strike.

Ashok Singh armed with all necessary information received by his Advocate through RTI on a ‘Marker’ system which was introduced by MOP & NG with lot of fan-fare and national publicity, filed a CBI Complaint against them Secretary Petroleum and Natural Gas . Mr.M.S. Srinivasan the UK based Supplier M/s. Authentix and their Indian Agents M/s. SGS Ltd. to Joint Director CBI (Western Region) Mumbai, irked bureaucrats promptly ensured that Shri.Ashok Singh is suspended within 4 days after filing complaint in a misappropriation case for an irregularity in one of the Retail outlets ( He had 140 such outlets) under his jurisdiction along with 2 more officers.

Repeated Appeals to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) under Govt. of Indias’ resolution for whistle Blower Protection against victimization yielded no result.

Simultaneously HPCL Management rushed to Registrar’s Officer to obtain a letter stating that the Registration of HPCL officer’s Association had been cancelled some times in May 1999 i.e. 9 years before, this fact was well advertised to all officers and Management under threat and coercion made atleast 50% officers to resign from the association. The above registration could not be restored till date, since HPCL is opposing it tooth and Nail in the Industrial Dispute’s court.

Management made no of changes in their existing CDA (Conduct, Discipline and Appeal ) rules to empower themselves for punitive Administrative actions against officers so much so, the authority of suspending any officers below gM’s rank has been given to General Manager , situation in HPCL is such that the word ‘strike’ or ‘Association’ is good enough to suspend an officer.

So, much so HPCL Board in their meetings in June and July 2008, recorded that Management is bent upon fixing the Association leaders.

Basis CBI complaint one spirited citizen of NAPM (National Alliance of People’s Movement) filed a PIL in Mumbai High court on 16th June 2008. Against then Secretary Petroleum, OMC’s Chairman, PPAC, CBI, MOeF, Legal Metrology, Authentix and SGS, Hon’ble Mumbai High Court in their judgement on 23rd Oct. directed MOP & NG, Vigilance and CBI to conduct enquiries. It is reliably learnt that Investigating Agencies have commenced the enquiries. s

R & D of OMC’s have declared in their report dt. 25th Sept. that the alleged ‘Marker’, which was launched as ‘ foolproof’ and most effective weapon against the Adulteration can be laundered by ordinary ‘clay’ Interestingly this ‘marker was procured for Rs. 200 Crores by OMC’s @ Rs.10000/- litre may not be north even Rs. 10/- / litre MOP & NG for reason best known to them discontinued Marker w.e.f. 31.12.2008.

MOP & NG kept on avoiding the strike in oil section on one assurance or the other sometimes by showing a letter written to DPE, or 2 ministers (Petroleum and Heavy Industries) assuring the agitated OSOA Leaders during Sept. October and November 2008,while OSOA gave the final date of 7th Jan. 2009, for an indefinite strike once again government promptly appointed one more committee headed by Hon’ble Home Minister.

Shri.Ashok singh Stepped down from the convenorship of OSOA in Aug 2008, and handed over the reigns to ASTO President Shri.Amit Kumar, MOP & NG which had already tasted blood in HPCL adopted the same tactice and from the day one of strike, adopted arrests, invoking ESMA and unleashing a propaganda of (Deshdrohi) that OSOA is not coming forward to discuss the issue at the same time forced OSOA leaders to remain in hiding for the fear of being arrested. Government ‘ successfully ‘ ended the oil sector strike and saved public at large from “inconvenience’.
HPCL Management (The only Company which did not participate in strike C & MD and his team was “well” appreciated by MOP & NG) suspended officers Association Activist Mr.R.P. Srivastava for instigating the officers to go on strike once again.


  1. Thanks for the story ....... This government has really crossed the limits this time

  2. This is an absolute shame for us .Congress has been really a govt of scams.I stand for u people , n hope truth wins(it always does).


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