Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strikes are not banned under any Law or Court Order- Supreme Court

Strikes are not banned under any Law or Court Order- Supreme Court is what the Apex Court ruled on Monday 15th Feb 2009. So what stops the PSUs, in general and OSOA from going to court whenever Court orders are used to restrain PSU strikers wanting their demands to be met in a democratic manner? Resorting to all sort of repression is totally undemocratic. Even the Supreme court says so!!

We had put up an earlier post here on this Supreme Court judgement here. On Monday it has ruled again.

Read on.. TOI Chennai 16-02-2009

Supreme Court Judgement on Strike

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  1. Hon'ble supreme court has amply clarified that strikes have no parrellel to bandhs called by political parties, In my opinion OSOA should move to DElhi High court at the earliest , specially in view oil company Managements have developed a habit of rushing to high court no sooner they receive the notice of agitation , what i wish to emphasise practically no effort is made to diffuse the crisis by bilateral or tripartite discussions, till they acheive a mutually acceptable solution. Strikes are natural outburst of individual members frustration, helplessness and apathy of the authorities that be


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