Monday, February 16, 2009


In a country like India which allows voting for people being tried for murders and scams on one end of the spectrum and people who appear to be polished but are actually the most cunning of them all and parties who bank on Dynastic Rule or caste based or religion based voting system and a world which is run by moneyed people it was inevitable that the definition of Vulgarity would soon change its meaning. That is why a group of salaried people who were denied a just raise in their salaries were termed anti indian and their method was portrayed as Vulgar by the media channels- the same media channels which showed the auction of Human Beings who were purchased by our buisness people and film stars on whom the whole country swoons! There was no vulgarity in the very thought of such auctions being shown on TV when more than 25 % lives below poverty level. [Even the BPL which is Rs 300/- per mth is a highly reduced figure as what person can survive on a mere Rs 10 per day? Our earlier post on this is here.]

Here is a very good article by Mr Santosh Desai, columnist in TOI on 16-02-2009. Hope he does not mind us hosting it here.

Vulgarity by Santosh Desai

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