Friday, May 1, 2009


Dr. Manmohan Singh-- Why??
  • The central PSUs are an important constituent of the Indian economy, and have been a major instrument in driving industrial growth, economic development, employment generation and equitable distribution of wealth in post-independence India.

  • Our pay revision was due from 1.1.2007 after ten years of constant persuasion and perseverance. During the Oil Sector Strike, Government advertised that at entry level the salary (CTC) in metro shall become one lakh per month. The facts are otherwise. The details are:

Why did the UPA Government lie to the Public?

  • Hon’ble Prime Minister – today the fulcrum of economy is CPSUs. The total income of the CPSUs was Rs 14,675.41 bn during FY08, which was equivalent to 31.1% of India’s GDP at current market prices. Why have you painted the PSUs in wrong picture?

  • The effective tax rate for the PSUs grew from 28.9% in 2004 to over 31.4% in 2008 while the effective tax rate declined by over 350 basis points for private sector companies to 22.9% for the same period. Why this government that uses our tax payers money for their salaries could not give us a fair pay revision?

  • In 2008, the public sector companies paid over 33.5% of their net profit as dividends to equity shareholders, whereas their private sector peers paid only 20.6% of their profits as dividends. Hon’ble Prime Minister why when we give so much to the country our salaries are only 30% of the private sector.?

  • Hon’ble Prime Minister – why this vast variance between what you government advertised and what we shall actually get now?

  • The Government has failed all the CPSUs and wants to finish off the technocrats that are actually contributing to this country.

  • We love our country and shall continue to deliver. But what has this government done to us is nothing but disrespected us, demoralized and demotivated us.


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