Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whistleblower in Oil Sector Seeks Court Directive

Whistleblower Seeks Court Protection.

Dear Members,
Your kind attention is invited to the Hindustan Times, Mumbai, 2nd May 2009, Page 4 Article titled "Whistle Blower seeks protection".

I hereby call upon the members and all concerned citizens to convey their total support to the crusader against corruption, RTI activist and Whistle Blower.

It may kindly be appreciated that by showing solidarity towards the officer who is fighting for us, we can protect us from the arbitrary, illegal and high-handed acts of the Oil PSU management / corrupt Govt of India officers.

I earnestly seek your support.
With kind regards,--
Babubhai Vaghela
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

Ashok Singh Whistle Blower

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  1. this another shocking tale of victimisation of a conscios whistle blower , who has been tortured ,humiliated by suspension for exposing corruption in high places , those who are effected by his crusade have left no stone unturned in finishing him for ever , which will be a lesson for any other officer, who dares in future.Let's prey judiciary rises to the occasion , giveds relief to the victim and punish the guilty


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