Saturday, April 4, 2009

Final Pay Revision- Conclusions

A Game was played by UPA Govt against the PSUs this time. And the bureaucrats had their way. We have even lost faith in the honesty of PM Manmohan Singh, who did not even want to meet the OSOA Leaders and gave a free hand to P Chidambaram and his GOM to KILL all aspirations.

And what is MEDIA Doing? Still Like IDIOTS who ONLY thrive on Exciting words are printing HEADLINES like "BONANZA before ELECTIONS" as it UPA gave this to us to get votes.. as if elections has anything to do with it! They totally forgot that this PAY revision is effective 1/1/2007 2 YEARS BEFORE ELECTIONS!!

And what BONANZA?? As if we got some gold biscuits!!!
Majoroty of us will still be on stagnation again.. and that too for next 10 years!! BAH!! Bonanza!! LOL!! What tricks they play.. they are saying 20% increase and so on.. But has anyone thought what that increase is? The net increase in salaries that will happen is actually because of the :-

(1) Original Minor Increase given in the 26/11/08 order - which we all REJECTED because it was NOT in tune with the TIMES (recession is only a short term and recent phenomenon.. ther was no recession in 2007 and DOES THE DONKEY MEDIA know THAT even if there is upturn our fates are SEALED FOR NEXT 10 YRS??? I wish I can see ONE SUCH REPORTER in fron og me.. I will become physical!! I am sure you all will).

(2) The effect of fitment.. this always happens.. Fitment is simple.. Earlier you were in scale A now you are in scale -B . B scale is higher than scale -A. So you need to be fitted somewhere.. Usually you get one jump.. this is to explain fitment to those duds in media.. in simple terms..

But this fitment is one time. The cumulative effect is not much because the ACTUAL SALARY Scales did not get INCREASED AS DEMANDED!!

Let us see what we got, until SOMEONE Else corrects the following observations:-

1. See the new DPE order (on the IOOA Blog page) & find out the Delta. The delta will tell you what we have got after the 26/11/2008 order (that too is on the IOOA Blog page).

This delta is only in allowing 50% merger of DA for calculation of Fitment !! --> So what? fitmen is fitment.. All this 20% or 30% or whatever is the increase as demanded... and nor are they REAL increase on account of higher scales.. and this is FOR NEXT 10 YEARS but but that is net increase on account of Fitment only... So once the effect of Fitment is gone.. (once you get new scales) you will start filling the pinch.. ..if you [PSU friends] get what I mean.

2. Superannuation Benefit getting calculated now on Basic +DA and not just Basic--> So what? There is NO REAL Delta here at all!! As it is in INDIANOIL this benefit is already frozen at 2003 level.. so how does it matter what BA+DA we will be getting at time of retirement?

3. HRA rates remain same.. (I believe the new rates as per 26/11/08 order] are less than what you are getting now?? eg in cities with less than 50 lac population I believe there is a reduction in HRA ?) But what they have done here is that your Net take home will not get reduced.. the reduction from HRA will be paid to you as Personal Pay.. till your basic increases to enable you to get HRA as earlier! --> No DELTA you got here.. but you are not losing as in earlier order. But in terms of Arrears the effect is only from 26/11/08 or later as worded in the order. This HRA amount is only for those who claim HRA.. obviously.. not all.

4. Cost of perks on account of Hospitals, Schools, Clubs etc being maintained at locations (The units where these are will charge these perks to the salaries of those employees from now on!!) calculation method changed --> This is an additional perks so less salary. The delta on this is that due to revised calculations you may be charged less perks previous DPE order.

5. Effective date of 26-11-08 if President signs within one month or date of signing if later! This affects your Arreas.. you will not get arrears from 1/1/07 but from 26/11/08 or from Some date in May 2009. The arrears will have two parts.. one effective 1/1/07 based on earlier order.. the second based on the above new dates. So when they calculate net payout.. you may be getting arrears you may not be getting arrears.

Nothing else other than above.. No higher scales!! No 20% increase! No 30% increase ON SCALES or Basic etc... .. whatever was there on scales in earlier order remains..,.Limit of 50% on perks remain so you will get reduced benefits probably on account of this newly imposewd 50% limits in perks and inclusion of new things as perks!! ... nothing changes !! is it not so??

So much HOPE among YOU HAD -- PEOPLE!!! I do not see any genuine aspirations being supported by anybody as promised loudly.. .

So what to do now? START BY VOTING CONGRESS and its allies out of POWER!!
VOTE for BJP..


  1. Damn the Congress. They always suck and they were responsible for closure of so many PSUs, they cheaters. They don't want to pay the leading PSUs but they wanted them to be world class producers. So far, during their tenure they didn't process the wage revision but at the dying moments of elections, they wanted to clear off the backlogs in a hurry..to save their faces and to steal the votes. This man Chidambaram does all the tricks with maths and formulae to squeeze oil from lemon and give nothing to the departments that does justice to the organisation. Never vote Congress.

  2. I am shocked at media once again calling it a bonanza for psu's , i don't understand who feeds to these media guys for giving this kind input. PSU officers getting if even 25% raise after 12 years, amounts to less than 2% per annum ,1/4rd of even avg. inflation, large no. of officers are stagnating for last 5-6 years and not earning their normal increments.Earlier even private was offering higher salaries now they have also vanished

  3. No govt taking pain for CPSU ,PSUs are only
    subsidiary of their revenue loss and their private financial support,with corporate tax
    ,income tax and service tax ,billions made by govt with psu , for their political will,Why employees are not entitled for their share in the profit of their psu, BUT don't talk FOR B.J.P.,They made a dept. of disinvestment of PSUs,^GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES^

  4. Dinesh.. are u talking of any concrete plan and so u have given mobile no to know more? What is the purpose of the mobile no?

    And what unity and action are u still hoping for? Who said you are not getting 50% fitment? I myself am not aware of the actual maths so far as I have just given my observation on the delta above.. so maybe you like to clarify??

  5. Frankly I personally am not against Disinvestment.. Let us not be in a Fool's paradise.. on one hand you will not want disinvestment on other hand you will carry dead wood and on other hand you will want Pvt Sector salaries.. how can u get then? There has to be a realistic demand.. unfortunately we did not even get our realistic demands met [am not going into that now].. but my reply to your comment is your rejection of BJP.. we need BJP for one point alone only.. the tax break as promised.. otherwise all of them are same..Nobody Cares for PSU.. that is true!!.. I agree.. but when you do not have anybody else nor do you have OSOA.. and your leaders are victimised.. you have only one option now.. for time being.. VOTE FOR BJP..

  6. No arrears for HRA and other allowances. But whose mistake is it that the PSU employees are being penalised for? The pay revision committee was formed only after oil sector employees threatened to go on strike in 2006. The Justice MJ Rao Commiitteee which was supposed to give their report by Dec 2007 could submit their report only in May 2008. The govt kept this in the cup board and took it out after another strike call. Bureaucrats reduced the benefits substantially and the foolish politicians cleared it in Nov 2008 without applying their minds. Now they want to penalise the poor PSU employee by not paying the arrears.

    Did anyone check up the legal validity of not paying arrears on HRA etc. OSOA should study this aspect and plan filing a case. In the present scenario particulary after the terror unleashed by the govt it may be difficult for anyone person to file a case but someone on the verge of retirement or retired in the recent times can file a case a they too will be affected by arrears rule and OSOA can support financially and otherwise.

  7. Dear CS, what is the legal validity of dismissing 66 and suspending 30 officers on the same charge then reverting back 64 later converting 2 in suspension, revoking suspension of 18 officers. In my opinion before thinking of filing a case for HRA we should ensure the very survival of OSOA . I have already filed a case against the Govt. for a different case , i would mind filing one more if necessary if physical, moral and financial support is provided by the officer community.


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