Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing we got from CONGRESS

Nothing we got from Congress Govt.. and its Prime Minister and GOM and etc !!!!

The salary revision order is out finally.. Strike was killed.. PSU officers are Killed.. All the media bullshitting on Bonanza is false! Check the DPE orders on the IOOA Blog page. And see for yourself..

Friends in Colleges DO NOT JOIN PUBLIC SECTOR.. !! Except for Job Security there is NOTHING ELSE.. NO HIGH PAY NO HIGH MOTIVATION.
Govt will own you, bureaucrats will own you.. You will be nothing!!!


  1. which job security you are talking about, sir 2 brave officers filed CBI complaint aginst naked corruption, got harassed, humiliated , kicked and finally dismissed , even hon'ble high court vindicated their complaint and ordered CBI enquiry.Your job is secure only till you remain on the right side of your management . The moment you vent your views you are screwed.Some companoies in public sector are behaving even worst then the private. In private companies atleast the rules of the game are decided in the beginning itself?

  2. Ahh you are right!! Very Much Right!!! On the Side of Management is the key word... baaas!! no work no nothing else reqd!! Just be ON THE SIDE OF mgt and KEEP Wagging tails...


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