Saturday, April 4, 2009

VOTE enmasse for BJP - for one reason only!!

Vote for BJP:- [ I am not a BJP activist but this thought came to my mind after reading newspaper today where I saw we will get an income tax limit raise to 3 lacs!! Kuch To Milega then! After the poor show in our salary increase by the cheaters in Congress !!]

One truth: All Politicians are bad because they serve only their interests. So trick is to choose ones / parties which will serve the greater good and also serve ours.

Why? - Let me analyse a few SIMPLE things about BJP and its image. I am not a Political analyst and will onl go by my own intersts and just see whether National Interests in general are getting helped.

1. We need one stable majority Party to Rule. --> This will help the Nation in general ("serving greater good") Even though the parties have become too many and too regional based and the voters too have become too much mixed (even a large number of youngsters and said lead India or "no criminals in Politics" whatever campaigns seem to be churning the voters in all directions!) & we can see all the Politicians recognising this polarisation or depolarisation whatever you call it more this time which is why you find all of them seeming to keep their feet in all boats at the same time eg. Laloo and Paswan not giving a single seat to congress in Bihar and yet saying they are with UPA! What do they mean? All these are crooks only.. small time crooks.. so why not go with the major party which still has some semblance of single mindedness and not like these regional bosses? At least the NEW PM will get respite from trying to take along with so many parties to keep his seat!

2. Congress's Dynastic Rule --> Is very harmful.. as if we are slaves to that FAMILY!! And that too its ambition of a Duffer Rahul Gandhi as PM does not bear good for this Nation! He does not even know the full form of IAEA!! Voting for BJP which is not based on Dynastic or Regional Rules is good for India. ("serving greater good")

3. Congress cheated us.. even its honest PM cheated us PSUs. [Ok when BJP was in power their FM Yashwant Singh brought in some tax laws that were not okay for salaried class. but they are prepared to make amends this time. Congress got a chance this time w.r.t. PSU salaries but they have shown their true colours so they MUST GET OUT!] [Serving our PSU / SALARIED class interests"]

4. BJP is going to Raise the Income tax limit for men from 1.5 lacs to 3 lacs and women from 1.85 lacs to 3.5 lacs.! If NOT for anything else AT LEAST for this SINGLE OFFER.. VOTE FOR BJP!! This will reduce our sadness of not getting OUR DESIRED SALARY INCREASE!! BJP has also offered various SOPs to DEFENCE and other groups of people.. and I think these ALONE deserve them the MAJORITY Rule..! ["Serving our interests"]

5. Change is always better. --> Give BJP a chance but give them a FULL CHANCE. A MAJORITY ! ("serving greater good")

6. Hindutva is the only negative thing against BJP But take two cases.. One is Gujarat.. though during Modi we saw Godhra etc... even Muslims in Gujarat have recognised that they are better off under his rule and the state of Gujarat has flourished like anything under Modi Rule.. so when a state or Country flourishes who gains? All.. including Muslims.. Then second.. look at the last time BJP was in power? Where were any such acts of injustice against Muslims during their rule? We educated class at least know.. that these are ONLY POLL Gimmicks.. to get the illiterate votes.. BUT actually BJP is as secular as Congress or CPI(M).

7. The Ram Sene thing at Mangalore seemed to have angered youth of the Country.. but again my logic on Poll Gimmicks hold true here too and I also appeal to the youngsters to understand one thing.. look around you! There will always be such Fanatics.. moral police and all were there in India even before BJP was in the light.. it is always city based or local problems... caused by rowdies.. and moreover do not let these incidents make you lose sight of the fact that Advani is a seasoned person.. and is capable of leading.. give him a chance... you cannot just say BJP is harbouring anti youth groups like Ram Sene.. and so want a young PM because you Identify yourself with youngster LIKE RAHUL.. ahh he did not even know the full form of IAEA when a newsreporter asked him during the public debate on nuclear agreement with USA... all he claims to have is a DYNASTIC hold in India! That is all he has to his credit!

8. Look at the rest. Congress has ministers we saw who cheated us PSU.. BSP is a ONE LADY ambition Game... (everybody has ambition. but I always am awary of overnight Players.. Mayawati has come up so fast by her wiles.. and such wiles are not to be trusted.. all she will do is work for herself and her group of people.... I do not think she even has a NATIONAL Leader capbility .. why try a new one.. who is not tested.. Advani is a much more experienced NAtional Leader... .CPI(M)... Tsk Tsk.. they do not know which way the wind is blowing.. always keep talking against economic policies.. and yet ARE COWARDS who WIL ALWAYS be OUTSIDE Govt.. because sitting outside and criticising is easy.. and Look at WB.. do you want to make India Like WB? And the rest of the local regional leaders.. all they know is to look after their local needs!

9. Remember the "India Shining Campaing"? What went wrong at that time was BJP failed to take care of the Poor, but Economy did start to LOOK up during their time and the CONGRESS only reaped that Benefit.. BUT did NOTHING to MAINTAIN it and so INDIA too now has got caught in the World Recession and all.. Bringing Back A REFORMED BJP will get India back on track - A BJP which, I hope, will ALSO take care of the poor and Middle Class.

Ok ok.. Go back to first para..what I said?
All Politicians are bad because they serve only their interests. So trick is to choose ones / parties which will serve the greater good and also serve ours.

There is HIGH CHANCE OF a TOTAL Deadlock or Hung Parliament because of so many Parties that are Harping and playing on Regional Ambitions [--& are actually HARMING INDIA as a whole BECAUSE by promoting such Regional Aspirations they have gone one step further harming INDIA -earlier factors were based on caste, creed, society- now they are going even deeper.. and CONGRESS is PLAYING the same GAME Because it is NOT depending on Regional Party Support] and a sudden awakening of voters !!

So only if BJP comes to power with a Majority India stands a chance.. or else we will see a 5 year term full of squabbles only.. (you saw what happened when Left withdrew support and Amar Singh's party played!!!!)

VOTE FOR BJP this time!!

Since this site supports all views.. a contrary view to above and reply to it has been posted here.

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