Monday, April 6, 2009

Be the Change that We Want to See

Meera Sanyal is an ABM Amro Bank Professional. She is contesting Lok Sabha Elections-2009 from South Mumbai Constituency. Will she win? No. Will she lose her deposit? Maybe.

But then she has started something which I PERSONALLY agree with 100%. I have been saying this that UNLESS WE provide VOTERS a better Option there is NO USE Saying "Vote for India" when the Only INDIA we can vote for are the Corrupt Self Serving Politicians.

I grant that a few very few of them MAY not BE Corrupt or self serving and a few more probably did not start that way in the beginning but how does that help us? We will see what we see today only. And what we see today is that ALMOST ALL ARE CORRUPT and SELF SERVING!!

So the only option is to get NEW PEOPLE to stand up. But these new people also need to understand the vote mechanics, local issues, capture the minds of the voters. They may do well after the win.. but DO THEY KNOW HOW TO WIN?

So I guess what has started in 2009 will soon get us a better India 10 years hence and not before but good that it has started! BUT THIS TIME WILL VOTE FOR BJP elsewhere in INDIA.

Here is an article by Sobha De in TOI 05-03-09
Toi- 05-03-09- Meera Sanyal Elections 2009

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  1. Why is she independent? This question struck me when I saw another lady Dr Mona Shah is also contesting from the same South Mumbai Constituency and she is from the newly launched The Professional Party of India.

    I speak from my personal experience of attempting to change a Voting arena where there have been only 10,000 officers- my own organisation. I have fought independently twice and lost first time for just 5 votes and won 2nd time at a different unit with max votes. So I do AGREE that being independent does give an opportunity to the voters to choose a completely fresh face who is knon to be sincere and promsises to bring change. An independent candidate does give what she has said in her message here.

    But I feel she is forgetting some basics. In my case I had been known to my voters for a long time.. a certain image was already formed in their minds.. in her case she has risen from the ashes of Terrorism at Taj etc recently. The time has been short. And this alone is sufficient to make her lose because she is unknown and Dr Mona Shah too is unknown probably to all but the elite class.

    So the question arises- 'Unknown' to whom? I am not aware of the South Mumbai Population and what % is the elite class.. I believe it is a major %. Fine.. then she can appeal to them by her methods and do stand a chance of winning. But is the % really so? Otherwise if there s a % of non-elite class then she will only be splitting the votes along with Dr Mona Shah and helping the 3rd or 4th candidate who will be entrenched in the area for a long time.

    So my question is what is the point of having two similar candidates at the same place when both stand to lose normally? Why can they not unite here also? I can only smell the same old problems-- otherwise what is the Point of two Similar Candidates? When they are just here for the first time why not one sit down in favour of the other and join hands?

    Then Winning is only one step getting the job done is next.. How does Ms Sanyal propose to get the jobs done if she does not side with the ruling party? She will have that in mind and so will be doing it. In her own words she has said "Political calculations are important—I make them too".

    Good. We do hope she has done her homework. Otherwise we have heard of such attempts earlier also..eg an ex-IITian created a party last time.. but they were nowhere to be seen or heard after they lost the last elections..

    Winning Votes are after all a number game. and requires lot of time and planning. We only hope that more such people come forward next time and Ms Sanyal and Dr Shah:-

    1. Do not have persobal ambitions themselves or
    2. Are able to expand their ideas and attract same type of people from across the Country..


    But is that possible? Maybe! Is it probable? I doubt!


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