Monday, April 6, 2009

Vote for Professionals

This blog has already announced its support for BJP and listed the simple reasons for the same. But at the same time we are a set of Professionals and Working People from the Public Sectors in India and so we also understand the need to change. And so we have also supported The Professional Party of India. We have also talked of Independent Professional Ms Meera Sanyal whose action is also admirable. As Professionals ourselves we support both.

One question came to our mind as to why Ms Sanyal and Dr. Mona Shah were splitting votes between them when they both are from the same side i.e. Professionals or against the typical Politicians whom we want to replace??

I have come to know that The Professional Party of India announced their candidate Dr Mona Shah much earlier than Ms Sanyal announced her name. So question comes who should have withdrawn?

I will not go by mere logic of being here first and say that since PPI was formed 1.5 yrs ago they deserve their candidature.

Rather I feel that an independent candidate is just a local solution and in the Multi Party Elections in India with its demographic variance it never pays to be an Independent. Only a few independent perhaps have made their marks but that too by aligning with some ruling party after elections. And such independents must have been useful ONLY in Local Issues. Since I do not belong to Mumbai and since I think the need of the hour and tomorrow is to fund and form a National Party which is different, I do not support the logic of independence even if I support the spirit of INDEPENDENCE that Ms Sanyal has.

What we need is more sucf free spirited people coming forward BUT joing HANDS to fight as a SINGLE Front or else all our efforts will go waste. Politics is no joke. The parties- BJP, Congress, BSP and so on and their people have been here for a long time and some since independence and have been at this game since they were at college and not been just Good Students which Dr Mona Shah or Ms Meera Sanyal must have been and Good Students do not do Political Activism in college. So if someone like them suddenly wakes up propelled by some incident that affected their lives it means they are being Politically immature. Elections cannot be short term whim but is a long drawn battle that needs to start with planning long ago.

So a party with a backbone of clean, honest, crime free, liberal, researched, progressive and with a flat & lean structure of professionals steering it, started 18 months ago, is in a position to be far more effective & upscalable to national level than an independant decision based on emotion (26/11) & limited to a single constituency and that too with only local issues in mind.

There is some Political immaturity being displayed on the part of Ms Sanyal it seems to me. We need people like her too and we in this blog Invite all Like minded people to JOIN HANDS - not fight each other.

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