Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crorepati Politicians- Yesterday and Today

Crorepatis become Politicians easily or is it that you BECOME politician to BECOME CROREPATI? It seems both are true and cyclic.
--> You are not crorepati, jump into the bandwagon (by becoming a criminal, by becoming active at grass root level or whatever) and then get a ticket one day and then you get the key to the cash.
--> you are crorepati. use money to win and get more money.. money gets money.

Question: Where does the money come from? not all can boast of ancestral kingdoms like the Scindias!!! So where does the money come from - including to the Gandhi Family?

A 2004 news report in TOI goes like this:- (Of course TRUST the Media to do their wrong reporting again.. as pointed out below)
A politically correct story of riches
8 Aug 2004, 1606 hrs IST, Vineeta Pandey, TNN

New Delhi: For a poor country, India certainly has a rich democracy, that is if you go by the fat wallets of men and women who represent the impoverished and undernourished masses.

Nobody is suggesting that all politicians tweak privileges of public office to stash away a bit every now and then. But by their own admission our MPs are rich. No, lets rephrase that. Seriously rich! Going by the 'total assets' affidavits filed before the LS polls, the crorepati neta club of India comes in all hues and sizes.

The 'Bollywood neta club' boasts of crorepatis like Govinda (15 cr), Sunil Dutt (20cr), Dharmendra (23cr), Jaya Prada (8cr) and Raj Babbar (2cr).

The underworld is also not far behind, with Arun Gawli, of Dagdi Chawl fame confessing to assets of 2 crore. And if you throw in industrialists (Navin Jindal — 3cr) and bureaucrats — Arun Bhatia, Nikhil Kumar (2cr each) for good measure, almost every other neta is a rich man.

UP has the maximum — 80 crorepatis in the 'grand' total of 350, which has emerged after the affidavits were filed. Besides these, there are of course, the smart ones who have declared assets in such a way, that they just fall short of the crore mark.

In UP, Congress has 22 followed by BJP 18, BSP 16, SP 19, RLD 4 and independent 1. The crorepatis in the state include CM Mulayam Singh Yadav ( 1cr 15 lacs), while his son Akhilesh is a few thousands short of a crore. Ram Jethmalani (10cr), BSP's Salim Iqbal Shervani (9.6cr), and Devendra Singh Yadav (18.7 cr) are in the high assets category. Interestingly, Congress president Sonia Gandhi too is short of being a crorepati: She has 86.18 lakh while Rahul Gandhi has declared assets of 55.48 lakh.

Red-coloured West Bengal has 10 crorepati politicians and prominent among them are Nafisa Ali (2cr), Speaker Somnath Chatterjee (1cr), Ajit Panja (1cr). Andhra has 33 which is in sharp contrast to the state of affairs where farmers have been committing suicide due to poverty. Renuka Chaudhary (6cr), TDP's M Padnabham (8cr), and Jaipal Reddy (1cr) are among others, who have struck gold.

Haryana has 10, with most of them coming from Kurukshetra, making it literally the El Dorado of the state. Navin Jindal, INLD's Abhay Chautala, BJP's Gurdial Singh and HVP's Jatinder Singh are among the lot.

From J&K, NC's Omar Abdullah turns out to be richest. His flat in New Delhi's posh locality itself is worth 1.10 crore apart from other assets. LK Advani has declared assets worth 1.29 crores. Jharkhand's 4 include Yashwant Sinha. JMM's Shibu Soren is way off the mark and has shown assets worth 36 lakh. Kapil Sibal (16.45 cr) tops in Delhi's list of nine.

'Under-developed' Bihar may be grappling with shortages of every kind, but there is no dearth of maaldars here. Lalooland has 31. Among them are BJP candidates Dr CP Thakur (2.7cr), Kirti Azad (1.8cr), Hukum Deo Narayan (1cr) and Kanti Singh (1.4cr) of RJD. Congress has Meira Kumar (2.8cr) and Nikhil Kumar while JD (U) has George Fernandes (3cr) and Digvijay Singh (1.9cr). In contrast, Laloo Prasad and his predecessor Nitish Kumar ostensibly possess 80.60 lakhs and 41.41 lakhs, respectively.

But now see this article on TOI front page today. It says Rahul had 22 lakhs in 2004 (THIS IS WHY I SAID MEDIA is USELESS)

Crorepati Rahul TOI-05!03!09

Our Thoughts: Not everybody may have revealed the full stash and among them the Film Stars are sure to have hidden most as they cannot have such low amounts when we compare theirs with others and hear about their payments. Some may be having ancestral Properties and properties in metros where value went up considerably but IS IT TRUE FOR ALL? I doubt!

Conclusions: Become a Leader TO INCREASE WEALTH and BECOME CROREPATIS!! I pity the poor people of India who fall over one another to worship the white skin of Rahul and fall at his feet and continue to remain poor while he added wealth in 5 years from 22/ 55 lacs to 2.25 crores!!

At least we do not see LK Advani to have added wealth- if he had surely congress would have come out with his news in the papers !! So I think we can still VOTE FOR HIM and HIS BJP!! Vote for BJP!!


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  2. poor rahul beacame LAKHPATI to CROREPATI , but could not become a PATI


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