Monday, April 6, 2009

Professionals Party of India- Elections 2009

Professionals we too are. We may be Oilmen or PSU men but we too are Professionals. We too understand the need to "BE THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO SEE" that people Like Meera Sanyal, Independent or Dr Mona Patel Shah and Rajendra Thacker of the Professionals Party of India seek to do.

I have all along being arguing in different forums-inside my own organisation and now outside that unless better people come forward and we are stuck with the same old leaders we cannot hope to get anything better.

So the solution is only twofold. Actually it is only one. Get one solution the other will come automatically:-
  1. Get new people -- get them in great numbers- give the Voters a chance to choose better people. Professionals/ selfless/ those who are interested and also know how to work for the country. Not just words but real action
  2. The first will either be the solution in itself OR SCARE THE EXISTING ones TO DELIVER or lose their seats.

Simple ONE SOLUTION leading into the second.

As of now this BLOG SUPPORTS BJP and its PM Candidate LK Advani.

But we do not belong to BJP or are Political. We Want the BEST to happen. As of now BJP seems to be that Promise as far as we are concerned (we have argued in suport of our seeming selfishness earlier here) and so are open to "VOTE for INDIA" campaign also and in that line of thought we post the link to the Professionals Party of India web site and ask the readers to connect with them for a long drawn process to CHANGE INDIA.

The link is http://www.ppi.net.in/index.aspx?Id=1

However one doubt remains which I need to ask, why even in this process we find a waste of efforts / splitting of votes between Meera Sanyal, a professional but independent candidate and Dr Mona Shah candidate of this new party? Are we behaving Professionally then? Are we not able to sort out differences here too? Then what is the POINT?

Anyway as I see it there are only two candidates so far in this new Party and they are in Mumbai. Somewhere somebody has to start. They have started. Ok. Fine.. But until we have candidates from all over we have to vote for others at other places. So we will STILL VOTE FOR BJP.

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